Portable Generator Theft Protection Guide (13 Pro Tips Shared)

A portable generator is something that you don’t buy every couple of years. It goes with you for at least 8-10 years. To keep your generator running for a long time, you must take care of it. You need to make sure that you keep it in mint condition and safe from thieves as well.

Generator theft cases are regularly reported to local authorities. Homeowners, food trucks, small businesses, and every person who uses a portable generator are worried about their generator’s safety. Just imagine you turned on your generator to navigate a summer night and woke up sweating, only to find out that your generator is not running. You go out thinking that your generator probably ran out of gas or overheated and turned off, but you are walking towards the shock of your life: a stolen generator.

It is better to protect your generator than repent later. We all have heard the famous saying, “there is no crying over spilled milk,” and “a stitch in time saves nine.” We suggest you be proactive and save yourself from being robbed.

This guide will discuss all the various ways you can use to keep your generator safe from thieves.

Ways to Keep your Portable Generator Safe

Store portable generator safely

Store it Safely – When your generator is not in use, keep it locked in a garage or a storage shed. If your portable generator is not inside, it is an open invitation for the thieves. Make sure you keep it inside your home. A garage is a perfect place to store your generator. If you cannot manage to drag it outside and inside every time you experience load shedding, you can make an enclosure for your generator. It would be best if you locked your garage properly after keeping your generator inside. If you have a small inverter generator, it is best to hide it behind other tools and stuff. The burglars won’t notice it as they are in a hurry most of the time. Please keep in mind that garage doors are vulnerable as they can be broken easily with a hammer, so you have to put in place other strategies as well.

Keep your generator locked with chain

Chain your Generator – It is one of the best strategies to keep your generator safe while running and while inside your home. Chain and lock your generator to a heavy object with a reliable and heavy chain. Make sure you are putting in a heavy-duty lock on the chain to be broken with pliers or lock breakers. You can easily find chains and locks for generators online and in nearby hardware stores. If you leave your generator outside all the time, we suggest you use double chains and more powerful locks. However, we recommend that you don’t leave it outside.

Security Fence – A security fence around your home is one of the best strategies to keep your generator safe. It will also protect your bicycles, lawn mowers, and other things safe from robbery. It will only work when you have a gate along the fence, and the height of the fence is at least 4-5 feet. The thieves can enter the home but won’t be able to carry the generator over the wall. Walls made from stone, metal, and wood are perfect for securing your premises.

CCTV Cameras – Installing CCTV cameras will beef up your home’s security. It also acts as a deterrent against thieves. When they see the warning on the walls and your gate, a sloppy robber will not dare to enter your home as they would be caught red-handed in the act. It is better to fix one camera over your generator, so anyone near the generator will be identified and captured by the police.

Don’t Brag About it – It is better to keep your new generator hidden from the eyes of the general public. The more people see your costly generator, the more thieves in the area will be tempted to steal it from you.

Save the Documentation – Don’t ever throw the generator’s purchase slip and other documents away. In case your generator is stolen, such papers will come in handy for registering the case with the authorities and help them find it.

Mark your Generator – Marking your generator with a logo, symbol, or carving your initials is a great way to identify your generator. If the robbers see anything like this before picking your generator, they might change their minds as it would be specified pretty soon and lead to the culprits.

Theft Alarm – If your generator is inside the garage and someone tries to steal it, a theft alarm can come to your rescue. Most of the amateur robbers are scared when they hear a warning and try to flee. It will also wake you up, and then you can call 911 for a break-in.

Removing the Wheels – Another strategy to keep your portable generator while running is to remove its wheels. It is an excellent tactic for large and heavy portable generators, as it is challenging to carry them. The robbers won’t be able to take it away unless they bring a tow truck with them.

Generator safety with GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker – Install a GPS tracker on your portable generator. GPS trackers are available for $20 online. All you have to do is hide the tracker. You can identify the location and inform the cops about it.

Camping Safety Measures – A lot of generators are stolen when people are camping and leave it outside without any security measures. The best way to secure your portable generator is to chain it up with something heavy. If you have an RV standing nearby, you can chain your generator with it. You can use cable alarms if you are keeping your generator in the open.

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RV Safety Measures – Almost all travelers have a portable generator for their RVs. They use it to run TV, charge laptops and mobiles, heat the water, or run the RVs air conditioner. You need to install a proper cabin at the front or back of the RV for your portable generator and then lock it up. Don’t leave your generator outside the RV without any security measures. It will be gone in a snap of your fingers.

Securing Inverter Generators – If you own an inverter generator, the only way to lock it is through the plastic clips that come on its case. Unfortunately, these clips are not very strong and would open with a jerk of the hand. Luckily for you, there are metallic brackets available online to lock your generator. Such brackets ensure that the case of the generator is not opened easily. However, the robbers can still pick it up and vanish. You can use heavy-duty chains and locks for additional security.

Final Words

If you take enough security measures to keep your generator secure, you are significantly reducing the robbery chances. However, it is still possible that clever thieves will take it away. If you come to know about this, don’t take the matter in your own hands, call the police urgently and report the incident. They will do their work and will find your generator as soon as possible.

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