Is it Possible to Charge Tesla Cars on Generators?

Tesla’s popularity and the number of cars sold have been increasing day by day. The benefits of owning an electric car are way more than fuel-saving and an intelligent driving interface. Since the number of sales is on the rise, many of us wonder that we can charge Tesla cars on a generator.

In this article, we will answer this question for you. You will need to charge your Tesla cars on an alternate electricity source when the main supply is out due to a blackout or natural disaster. You may also need to recharge your Tesla when traveling to a remote area or an open stretch of road where you can’t find a charging station. A portable generator will come in handy at this time. Let’s look at the details of charging your electric cars with a generator.

Is it Possible?

The simple and straightforward answer is yes. A detailed explanation elaborates that some conditions need to be fulfilled before charging Tesla with a generator. However, Tesla’s instructions forbid sue of generators to charge their cars. On the contrary, some people have done this and noticed no problems with their vehicles whatsoever.

Things to take Care of while Charging your Tesla with a Generator

Power Outputs

Tesla cars use their own designed unique power cables. You can connect them to the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) outlets with a mobile connector’s help. These connectors may be challenging to find in the local market. However, you can easily buy one here. Once you have the adapter, you can proceed to the next step.

Ground your Generator

While charging your Tesla, you must make sure that the generator is properly grounded. Tesla’s software rejects a floating neutral bonded device. You would need to have a bonded neutral inverter. You can also use the conventional way of grounding your generator.

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Which Generator should you Use?

portable inverter generator for Tesla cars

You must not charge your Tesla with a conventional gas or propane generator. They don’t produce a clean current and have frequent fluctuations. Inverter generators are best for this purpose. They make clean sine waves without any changes. Unstable electricity produced from classical generators can damage the sensitive electrical components of Tesla.

Problems Associated with charging your Tesla with a Generator

Inverter generators are not that powerful to completely charge your cars. They don’t have enough power output. Secondly, the most common problem associated with charging is grounding. People don’t drop their generators properly; thus, the car’s software rejects the charging source.

Conclusion: What to Expect

If you manage to connect the car with an inverter generator and it gives you a green signal. Don’t expect a full charge. It will take hours for this. All an inverter generator will be able to do will give you a push to take your car to the next charging dock.

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