Westinghouse WGen5300s Portable Generator Review

Westinghouse WGen5300s is a reliable generator that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is not only an RV-ready unit but also a transfer switch ready generator. It delivers excellent output power and has a decent size fuel tank that gives tremendous runtime. Also, you can operate this generator either at 120 volts or 240 volts.

Westinghouse 5302 reliable power station


Generator Type: Westinghouse WGen5300s is a conventional generator that runs on gasoline. It is a dependable power solution for all your power needs. It can power your RVs (Recreational Vehicles), homes, and food trucks. Also, you can take it with you for camping and other outdoor activities.

Warranty: It offers a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 1-year limited commercial warranty. Its warranty doesn’t cover all generator parts.

Mobility: This generator from Westinghouse is designed to withstand tough environments. It is a highly portable machine as it comes with a wheel kit. Even though it weighs 107 pounds, but you have wheels and a U-shaped handle to easily move the generator from one side to the other.

Start System: The best thing about WGen5300s is that it comes with an electric start mechanism along with a recoil backup. The electric start system helps users to turn on the generator without any effort.

Engine: It features a powerful and reliable 274cc, 4-stroke Westinghouse OHV engine with a cast-iron sleeve for durability.

Output Power: The engine produces 6600 watts of peak power and 5300 watts of rated power. With this impressive power output, you can easily power your big and small RV appliances, home appliances, or power tools.

THD Rating: Never try to power your sensitive electronics through this generator. Its electrical signals contain a higher harmonic distortion rating that is less than 23%. The ideal THD rating of a generator to power delicate electronic items is less than 5%.

Decibel Rating: The operational sound of Westinghouse WGen5300s is 68 dBA. It is a loud unit, but still, its decibel rating is not that much higher.

Fuel Tank Size: Westinghouse WGen5300s has a metal tank with a fuel storing capacity of 4.7 gallons. It is equipped with a fuel gauge that tells how much gasoline is present in the tank.

Runtime: You will be able to operate your generator for up to 18 hours at 25% load and 13.5 hours at 50% load on a fully loaded tank. Its fuel consumption is around 0.24 gallons per hour.

Power Receptacles: Its power panel features four AC outlets.

There are two 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) receptacles, one 120 Volt 30 Ampere (TT-30R) receptacle, and one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) receptacle. All these receptacles are rubber covered for protection against water and dust.

With 5-20R outlets, you can power your household appliances. The generator is RV-ready with the TT-30R receptacle and also transfer switch ready because of the presence of the L14-30R receptacle.

With the TT-30R outlet, you don’t need an extra adapter to power your RV. And the L14-30R outlet allows you to connect the generator with your house through a manual transfer switch to run your home essentials during power outages.

Voltage Selector Switch: Another great feature of this portable generator is the voltage selector switch. It allows you to choose between operating your generator at 120 volts or 240 volts.

Data Center: Its control panel is also equipped with a VFT data center. It provides you with real-time updates to know the generator status and track maintenance intervals. It displays the voltage, frequency, and lifetime run hours of the generator.

Safety Features: Westinghouse WGen5300s comes with an automatic voltage regulator, overload protection (circuit breaker), and low oil shutdown safety features.

Voltage swings can damage your appliances and equipment. The automatic voltage regulator delivers constant and reliable power by automatically regulating the voltage to prevent damages.

Overload protection automatically turns off the generator when it detects excessive load to prevent overheating.

And the low oil shutdown also shuts off the engine when it detects the oil remaining is too low to run the engine.

Emissions: You are allowed to use this generator in all the 50 states of the U.S. It follows the strict rules and regulations set by both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) for environmental protection.

Westinghouse WGen5300s vs. WEN GN6000 vs. Honda EM6500SX



  Westinghouse WGen5300s WEN GN6000 Honda EM6500SX


Peak/Rated Watts 6600W/5300W 6000W/5000W 6500W/5500W
Tank Size 4.7 gal. 3.4 gal. 6.2 gal.
Runtime 13.5 hrs (1/2 load) 7.5 hrs (1/2 load) 10.4 hrs (1/2 load)
Noise 68 dBA  68 dBA 64 dBA
Starting Mechanism Recoil, Electric Recoil Recoil, Electric, Remote
Weight 107 lbs. 119 lbs. 234 lbs.

My Opinion:

Pros: Westinghouse WGen5300s is a powerful generator available at an affordable price. It is both RV-ready and transfer switch ready, highly fuel-efficient, and gives excellent starting and running watts. Also, it comes with a voltage selector switch, an electric start system, and several safety features.

Cons: It takes time to start in cold weather. Also, its customer service is poor.


Does Westinghouse WGen5300s come with a battery?

Yes, Westinghouse WGen5300s comes with a battery. It charges itself when the generator operates, so you don’t need to charge it through other power sources.

Can I use this generator to power sensitive electronics if I use surge protectors at each electronic device?

Westinghouse WGen5300s is not suitable for powering sensitive electronics by any means. Surge protectors don’t make the power clean. They only prevent voltage spikes. So, never try to power your delicate electronics items through this generator.

What can it power in my RV?

It depends on what type of kitchen, laundry, and heating/cooling appliances you have in your RV.

This WGen5300s has enough power to run your RV air conditioner of 11,000 BTU, RV refrigerator, toaster oven, hairdryer, and blender with ease. But it doesn’t mean that you can only power these items. Always check the starting and running watts of the things you have in your RV before powering them through this generator.

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