How to Make a 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord?

The power cord which you use to run your generator must be of high quality. You can easily find a 30 Amp extension cord for your generator online or at nearby electric supply stores. However, there are quality, length, and durability issues. It is also very costly as well. Surprisingly, you can make one for yourself without requiring any hi-fi skill set.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make a 30 Amp generator extension cord by yourself.

How to Make a 30 AMP Generator Extension Cord

Things Needed

All the parts mentioned below can be easily found online or at any electric supply store.

  • 4-wire Male and Female Twist lock Receptors (4 wires are needed for 2 hot wires, 1 ground, and 1 neutral wire)
  • 4-wire SJO Cable (length according to your feasibility)
  • Tool Kit

Step 1

Switch receptors

Start with the female receptor. Open the screws on it with the help of a screwdriver. On the female receptor, you will have a G, an X, a W, and a Y. What you need to understand here and be careful about is G is always going to be green (ground), W is white, and it is neutral. X is one hot conductor, and Y is the other hot conductor.

Step 2

When using a large SJO cord, you need to take out the spacer pieces inside the receptors. Slide the base of the female conductor on the SJO Wire. Make sure that the conductor is not hanging out. Cut the protective coating on SJO wire for about 2 inches with the wire cutter.

Once the wires inside are visible, cut the paper on top of them. The wire will slide in the connector’s openings, so you don’t want to strip them too far. 3/8 inches would be perfect for making the connections. Now twist the naked wires backward and make them tight. It makes the sliding-in easy and hassle-free. It will also help you tighten the screws on the conductors at the female receptor.

Once you are done twisting them, you would need to insert the wires at the respective opening: green to green, white to white, and one hot wire to X and one to Y. Make sure you tighten the screw after inserting the wore into one receptor so that it won’t slide back out.

Generator power cord

Similarly, insert the four wires and tighten the screws. Make sure the screws are fully tightened to avoid loose connections and a short-circuit.

Now slide the retainer (cover of the retainer) on the top of the receptor. Look for a little notch; it will fix the cover on the conductor. You will hear a little click sound. Tighten the screws on the female receptor, which you opened during the first step. Now you would need to fix the main screws on the female receptor. You are now done with the female end. Let’s move to the male end.

Step 3

Open the screws in the same way you did for the female end. Remove the spacer; unscrew the bolts on the receptor. Slide the retainer on the SJO wire. Strip 2 inches of the wire and 3/8 inches on the 4 wires inside. Make the wire connections according to the coding as you did with the female receptor. Insert the wires one by one and tighten the respective screw. Attach the retainer. Tighten the screws on it.

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Final Word

You have just made yourself a very heavy-duty and powerful 30 AMP generator cable. Apart from saving yourself some money, you have also made sure to use high-quality and durable materials in the wire. Fire up your generator and check if it’s working or not. If everything is working as expected, congratulate yourself.

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