Best Honda Generators Reviews: Comparison & Specs

Honda is not only the best in the automotive industry; it is also one of the best in manufacturing power products. Honda generators are well-made, efficient, and reliable. It not only produces generators for home backup but also for industrial and recreational use.

The EU, EM, EG, and EB Series generators are famous all around the world. Each Series has different models with different power outputs. So, what are you waiting for? Select any model from the mentioned above Series and make your life stress-free.

Award Winner 

Honda EB6500 Industrial Portable Generator won the Innovative Product Award in 2011.

Honda EB10000 Industrial Series Portable Generator won the Innovative Product Award in 2012.

Honda Generator Reviews





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Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

  • Eco-Throttle system

  • Recoil start system

  • low-oil, overload indicators

Honda EU7000iS Portable Electric Generator

  • Low-oil indicator

  • iMonitor for tracking efficiency

  • 3 years warranty

Honda EB3000C Portable Industrial Generator

  • Recoil start system

  • 9.3 hours runtime at 50% load

  • 2.6 gallons fuel tank

Honda EU3000iS1A Portable Generator

  • 20 hours runtime at 25% load

  • 3.4 gallons fuel tank

  • Eco-Throttle system

Honda EG5000 Portable Generator

  • 6.3 gallons fuel tank

  • 11 hours runtime at 50% load

  • Quiet operation

1. Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator – Best Honda Inverter Generator

Honda portable inverter generator

Generator Type: Honda EU2200i is a portable inverter generator. You can use it at home, camping, or construction sites.

Engine and Power Wattage: Its 121cc Honda GXR120 engine generates the power you need to run your essentials. It produces 2200 starting power and 1800 running power.

Honda EU2200i offers 10% more power as compared to its previous model, Eu2000. With this extra power, users can meet their additional power needs.

Advanced Inverter Technology: Advanced inverter technology ensures you get clean power. This reliable power makes it an ideal generator for sensitive equipment.

Parallel Operation: Connect two Honda Eu2200i generators parallel with a kit to double the output power. This feature helps users when they need additional ability to run more appliances or tools.

Fuel Efficiency: It is a fuel-efficient generator, thanks to its Eco-Throttle system. It allows the engine to change its speed to meet the load. At 25% rated load, its 0.95-gallon tank gives up to 8.1 hours of runtime. And at full-rated load, it offers a 3.2-hour runtime.

Start System: Recoil start is equipped with Honda’s automatic mechanical decompressor system for quick and easy starts, even in winters.

Noise: Honda EU2200i is a super quiet generator. Its operational sound lies between 48 and 57 dB (A), depending on the load. This lower decibel rating makes it an ideal choice for camping and tailgating.

Power Outlets: Its control panel has two 120 Volt 15 Ampere household outlets and one 12 Volt DC outlet. This DC outlet is only for charging batteries.

Status Lights: Three built-in LED lights show three different statuses of the generator. The low-oil indicator turns on when the generator detects a low oil level. The overload light turns on when you put an extra load on your generator. And the output indicator light will stay illuminated during operation.

Fuel Shutoff: Users can store their generators long without any worries, thanks to its fuel shutoff feature. When the generator goes into the fuel shutoff mode, the engine keeps running until most carburetors’ fuel is removed. It prevents stale gas-related issues.

Weight and Portability: Honda EU2200i is relatively light in weight (46.5 pounds), making it easy to move.

Safety Features: Low-oil shutoff and overload protection along with a fuel shutoff valve.

Warranty: It offers a 3-year limited warranty for both residential and commercial use.

My Opinion:

Pros: Honda EU2200i provides clean and stable power. It is compact, light in weight, and a fuel-efficient generator. It operates quietly, features a fuel shutoff valve, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Cons: Its fuel tank size is too small.

2. Honda EU7000iS Portable Electric Generator – Most Expensive Honda Inverter Generator

Honda Portable Electric Generator

Generator Type: This Honda EU7000iS is also a portable inverter generator. You can use it to meet both indoor and outdoor power needs.

Engine and Power Wattage: It is powered by a 389cc Honda GX390 EFI engine, producing 7000 surge watts and 5500 rated watts.

With this output power, you can power a home refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, and an air conditioner (10,000 BTU) along with a sump pump, fans, and lights.

You can easily power an air compressor at a construction site, circular saw, electric chain saw, hand drill, and a demolition hammer.

And to power your RV, you can run two big and two small appliances without any doubt.

But keep in mind that you cannot run all the appliances or tools simultaneously because of power outlets’ limitations.

Advanced Inverter Technology: Its advanced inverter technology allows you to power even the most delicate electronic item.

Parallel Operation: If you need more power, add another EU7000iS with an optional parallel kit. It will help you to get 14000 watts of peak power.

Fuel Efficiency: Honda EU7000iS can run up to 18 hours on a 5.1-gallon fuel tank. Thanks to the Eco-Throttle and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems that increase its fuel efficiency.

Start System: Electric start system offers convenience, whereas the recoil start is for backup.

Noise: It produces 58 dB (A) operational sound at rated load and 52 dB (A) at 25% load.

Power Outlets: Two 120 Volt 20 Ampere household outlets, one 120 Volt 30 Ampere outlet, and one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere outlet.

Status Lights: Overload alarm, output indicator, and low oil alert

i-Monitor: Its control panel also features an i-Monitor that helps track engine speed, operation hours, battery volts, and power wattage.

120/240 Volt Selector Switch: This 120/240 Volt selector switch offers more flexibility. It allows you to either use full 120 Volts or both 120 Volts and 240 Volts simultaneously.

Weight and Portability: It weighs 261 pounds, but its folding handles and never-flat tires make it easy to move around.

Safety Features: Its safety features include low-oil shutoff, overload protection, and spark arrestor.

The spark arrestor arrests dangerous sparks to prevent damages to the generator and the environment around you.

Warranty:3-year limited warranty

My Opinion:

Pros: Honda EU7000iS is an inverter generator that produces only 58 dB (A) noise level at full load. It offers excellent runtime, features a powerful engine, and gives higher output power.

Cons: No 12 Volt DC outlet is available.

3. Honda EB3000C Portable Industrial Generator – Honda Industrial Generator

Honda best industrial generator

Generator Type: Honda EB3000C is a conventional portable generator. It is an OSHAS (Occupational Safety and Health Assessment Series) approved product that makes it a perfect choice for worksite applications.

Engine and Power Wattage: A 196cc Honda GX200 OHV engine generates 3000 maximum watts and 2600 running watts.

You can run an air compressor, circular saw, bench grinder, and drills with this power.

Exclusive CycleConverter Technology: The role of this Exclusive CycloConverter Technology is to produce stable power. It uses a particular CPU to generate reliable and high-quality power.

Tank Size and Runtime: Its 2.6-gallon fuel tank offers 9.3 hours of runtime at half load.

Start System: Honda EB3000C only features a recoil start system.

Noise: Despite being an industrial generator, its operational sound is not on the higher side. It operates at only 65 dB (A).

Power Outlets: There are two 120 Volt 20 Ampere outlets and one 120 Volt 30 Ampere outlet.

All these outlets are GFCI protected.

GFCI outlets are for the protection of the users. It shuts off the power when it senses any unusual activity between the incoming and outgoing current.

Status Lights: Low-oil alert and output indicator lights

Weight and Portability: Its 71 pounds weight and carrying handles make it a portable generator. 

Safety Features: Low-oil shut-off, spark arrestors, and electronic circuit breakers are included in its safety features.

Warranty: It comes with a 3-year limited commercial warranty.

My Opinion:

Pros: Honda EB3000C is not an expensive generator. It is fuel-efficient, light in weight, and hasa full GFCI power panel. Also, it has an acceptable noise level and features low-oil and overload protection.

Cons: The electric start system is missing.

4. Honda EU3000iS1A Portable Generator – Best Honda Inverter Generator under $2500

Honda high-tech generator

Generator Type: Honda EU3000iS is a portable inverter generator. You can use it to power RV or small home appliances.

Engine and Power Wattage: It features a 196cc Honda GX200 engine that gives 3000 starting and 2800 running watts.

Advanced Inverter Technology: It is also equipped with advanced inverter technology that makes it ideal to power smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more.

Parallel Operation: Yes, Honda EU3000iS is also parallel capable. All you need is a parallel cable to connect another EU3000iS unit to double the output power.

Fuel Efficiency: Eco-Throttle system makes it a fuel-efficient generator. It runs up to 20 hours at 25% load on a 3.4-gallon fuel tank.

Start System: Both electric and recoil start mechanisms

Noise: Its operational sound is between 50 and 57 dB (A).

Power Outlets: The control panel has two 120 Volt 20 Ampere outlets and one 120 Volt 30 Ampere twist-lock outlet. You can power your RV appliances with the help of this 30 Ampere outlet.

Status Lights: Overload, low-oil, and output ready indicator lights

Weight and Portability: It is a heavy unit (144 pounds), but two persons can carry it without much effort.

Safety Features: Overload protection along with low-oil shutdown and spark arrestor

Warranty: It includes a 3-year residential and 3-year commercial warranty.

My Opinion:

Pros: Honda EU3000iS is a fuel-efficient and super quiet generator. It produces stable power, features an electric start system, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Cons: It is a bit heavy. Also, no wheels are included in the package.

5. Honda EG5000 Generator – Under $2000

Honda whole house generator

Generator Type: Honda EG5000 is a conventional portable generator.

Engine and Power Wattage: It produces 5000 watts of peak power and 4500 watts of running power. It is equipped with a 389cc Honda GX390 engine.

This output power is enough to run both small and large appliances.

Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator: The EG5000 generates consistent and stable power, thanks to its DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator). It provides constant voltage with a slight variation of +/- 1%.

Tank Size and Runtime: It has a big-sized fuel tank (6.3 gallons) compared to the generators mentioned above. On a full tank, you will get up to 11 hours of runtime at half load.

Start System: Only recoil start system

Noise: It is a louder unit with a 70 dB (A) noise level at a 50% load.

Power Outlets: If we talk about power outlets, we have two 120 Volt 20 Ampere GFCI outlets. Also, there is a 120 Volt 30 Ampere locking outlet and one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere outlet.

120/240 Volt Selector Switch: Honda EG5000 has the same voltage selector switch as the Honda EU7000iS.

Weight and Portability: Its 173 pounds weight makes it a heavy unit.

Safety Features: The safety features of this generator include low-oil shutdown, spark arrestors, and circuit breakers.

Warranty: The same 3-year limited warranty

My Opinion:

Pros: Honda EG5000 has DAVR technology. It is not an expensive machine to buy. It offers decent runtime and has an acceptable noise level.

Cons: It is not a fuel-efficient generator. Also, there is no electric start system.

Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy a Honda generator to meet your power needs, here we have a few suggestions that will help you to get the best Honda product.

Generator Type

If you know the purpose of buying a Honda generator, here we have a few suggestions.

You should go for the Honda EU Series if you want a camping, tailgating, or RV generator. These generators are quiet and highly portable.

The EU and EM Series are ideal for home emergency backup. You can easily connect them with transfer switches to get uninterrupted power all the time.

But for industrial use, it is suggested to look into Honda EB Series and other units.

The EB Series generators are OHSAS approved and feature GFCI-protected outlets.

Power You Need

If your power need is limited, then you should go for small portable units. But if you need high power, then a big generator is made for you.

You probably don’t need to run all the appliances at once. Make a list of only those appliances or tools that you will need to power simultaneously.

For recreational purposes, a 2000-watt generator is ideal. To power a home or light construction site, you need a 3000-watt or 4000-watt generator.

However, if more power is required to run big home appliances or tools, a 7,000 or a 10,000 watt Honda generator will be perfect for you.

To help you calculate your exact power needs, we have given an example below.

Appliances Starting Wattage Running Wattage
Refrigerator 1400 300
1/2 HP Furnace 2350 875
TV 400 400
Lights 300 300
AC 1800 1200
Total 6250 3075

In the example above, 6250 watts are needed to start all the appliances at one time, and 3075 watts are needed to keep them running simultaneously. For such a situation, a Honda Generator with 3500 running watts power will be perfect. You can start the appliances one by one and switch off the ones not needed. It is known as load management. Load management helps you run more appliances on a smaller generator. A smaller generator has its perks; it is cheaper to buy and has a low maintenance and running cost.

Control Panel

A Control panel helps you control the unit. It allows access to on/off buttons, chokes, odometer, and various readings. Power outlets are also located on the control panel. Make sure you buy a unit that offers maximum features on the control panel.


Make sure the generator you intent to buy has all the power outlets you need. If you are going for a Honda inverter, it must come with USB outlets, car charger adapter outlets, and AC/DC outlets for running various machines.


Runtime depends on fuel efficiency; the load applied, fuel source, tank size, and the generator type.

Fuel-efficient generators run longer than non-fuel efficient generators. Your unit will run longer at 25% load compared to 75% or 100% load. Also, tank size determines the runtime, where big fuel tanks offer extended runtime, and smaller tanks provide shorter runtime.

Inverter generators are more fuel-efficient than conventional generators, so you will get longer runtime with inverter generators despite having smaller fuel tanks.

Sound Rating

Most of the Honda generators don’t make much operational sound. So, there is no need to worry about the noise output. But still, it is necessary to check the decibel rating before selecting a particular generator.

Starting Mechanism

Many people prefer generators featuring electric start systems. So, it is ideal to have a generator with an electric start mechanism. But some Honda generators only have recoil start mechanisms, but still, they are relatively easy to operate.


If your Honda generator is heavy, it must have comfortable fold-down handles and durable wheels. And if your generator is lighter in weight, it must have an excellent gripping handle to carry it easily.

Paralleling Capabilities

It is better to buy a generator with paralleling capabilities. It allows you to connect two smaller units and double the power output and outlets. Paralleling comes in handy when you want more power on an occasional basis.

Warranty and Certifications

Don’t worry about warranty and certifications while buying a Honda Generator. They all come with a 3-year warranty, and Honda has made sure that all the units are certified by the EPA and other regularity bodies. Don’t worry about the after-sales service and support; Honda offers one of the best after-sale service and repair facilities in the US.


Expect to pay more when you are buying a Honda generator. Honda generators are high-quality, durable, reliable, and one of the best in the market. So, when you buy a Honda generator, you are paying more for quality.


What can I run on a Honda generator?

You can run any appliance on your generator. The only pre-requisite is that its starting wattage must be lower than your generator’s maximum output power.

Can I use a Honda generator for RVs and outdoors?

Yes. Honda generators are perfect for RV and outdoor use. Their noise rating is less than 60 DB, which is very impressive and will let you enjoy your trips in peace and calm.

Which fuel should I use in my Honda generator?

Make sure that you use gasoline with a 0-10% ethanol ratio. A higher percentage of ethanol in the fuel is harmful to the generator’s engine.

What are the safety protocols for my Honda generator?

The safety protocols and maintenance needs of a Honda generator are the same as of any generator. To ensure the unit’s safety and the people around, never run your generator inside and turn the exhaust away from windows and doors. Ensure you maintain a safe distance of at least 15 feet from your home, RV, or worksite. Never refuel, operate or move a hot generator. For maintenance, you need to check and replace engine oil, inspect spark plugs and ensure that the unit always runs on fresh fuel. Make sure that the generator is stored in an empty tank. Never let gas sit in your generator for more than 15-20 days. For detailed guidelines, refer to the user manual.

Shall I buy two smaller Honda units or one big generator?

The answer to this question depends on your usage pattern. If you want two individual sources of power with low output, then go for two small inverters. However, if you need more power frequently and your usage is limited to one place, buying one large generator is a better deal.

Can I connect my Honda generator to my home without a transfer switch?

No. Like other generators, Honda units must also be connected with a transfer switch to your home. If you skip it, you are putting your devices, generator, and yourself at risk.

What are the limitations of a Honda generator?

Some models don’t come with wheels, which makes it difficult to move them around. Secondly, the spare parts are a bit difficult to find. Honda Generators are costly and don’t offer more wattage than 7000 watts.


Honda generators are one of the best in the market. Their inverters are known to produce safe and stable current for sensitive appliances. If the price is not an issue, don’t look any further. Buy one from the list above and make your life easy.


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