Champion 4000-watt (100302) Portable Generator

Champion 100302 is a digital hybrid generator that makes it different from regular inverter-style generators. It produces clean output power and is highly fuel-efficient. Its decibel rating is high because of being an open frame generator, but its 3-year limited warranty and safety features make it a must-buy product.

Champion 4000W with quiet technology


Generator Type: Champion 100302 is an open frame inverter generator that runs on gas. This digital hybrid portable generator is 20% lighter and 50% quieter than a traditional 3500-watt Champion generator. It is an RV-ready unit used during power failures, outdoor trips, camping, and tailgating. Also, if you are a DIY believer, you can use this generator.

Mobility:Its dimensions are 20.5(L) x 17.9(W) x 17.7(H). This unit’s weight is 81.6 pounds, but its open-frame design helps when moving it from one place to another.

Emissions: Users can easily ship and use it in all 50 states of America as it EPA-approved and CARB compliant.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) allows it to use in 49 states of America, and CARB (California Air Resources Board) allows it to use in California.

Both these agencies have set rules and regulations related to air pollution, which this generator equally follows.

Starting Mechanism: Champion 100302 generator has a manual start system with cold start technology that allows you to easily turn on the generator in winters.

Output Power: It is equipped with a fuel-efficient 225cc 4-stroke Champion engine featuring a cast iron sleeve for protection. It gives 4000 watts of starting power and 3500 watts of running power. With this power, you can run small to large appliances with ease.

You can also power your sensitive electronics without worrying about damages as its THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating is less than 3%. THD shows how much of a voltage and current distortion is due to harmonics in an electrical signal. Generators with more than 5% THD are not suitable for powering small and delicate electronics.

Champion 100302 is also a parallel capable generator. You can link up to two 280-watt inverters or a digital hybrid to increase the output power. This feature comes in handy when you require extra power during emergencies.

Tank Size and Runtime: Its tank size is 2.9 gallons. With a full tank, the generator offers up to 17-hour runtime at quarter load. Its fuel consumption is around 0.17 gallons per hour.

Also, there is an Eco-mode that not only saves fuel but also increases the engine’s life. It helps the engine to change its speed automatically to meet the load requirement.

Operational Sound: This generator’s operational sound is 64 dB (A) at 25% load. As it is an open frame generator, its decibel rating is on the higher side than other inverter generators of the same power.

Control Panel: There are three AC power outlets and one DC outlet on its control panel.

AC outlets include two 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) outlets and one 120 Volt 30 Ampere (TT-30R) outlet, whereas the DC outlet includes one 12 Volt 8 Ampere receptacle.

The 5-20R is the household outlets, the TT-30R is for RV connection, and the 12 Volt DC outlet is for battery charging.

Also, its control panel has an eco-mode switch, circuit breakers, and three indicator lights: low oil, overload, and output.

The low oil indicator tells the remaining oil level is too low to run the engine. The overload indicator indicates that the generator is bearing the extra load. And the output indicator tells your unit is ready to run.

Safety: Champion 100302 features a spark arrestor and low-oil shut down for safety.

The spark arrestor prevents the emission of flammable debris from the engine to protect the generator and surroundings from catching fire.

On the other hand, a low-oil shutdown automatically turns off the engine to prevent damages caused by running on low-oil.

Warranty: It has a 3-year limited warranty.

Champion 100302 vs. Westinghouse iPro4200 vs. Generac GP3500iO

Features Models
  Champion 100302 Westinghouse iPro4200 Generac GP3500iO
Peak/Rated Watts 4000W/3500W 4200W/3500W 3500W/3000W
Tank Size 2.9 gal. 2.6 gal. 2.37 gal.
Runtime 17 hrs (1/4 load) 18 hrs (1/4 load) 11 hrs (1/4 load)
Noise  64 dBA 62 dBA Not mentioned
Starting Mechanism Recoil Recoil Recoil
Weight 81.6 lbs. 82 lbs. 74.3 lbs.

 My Opinion:

Pros: Champion 100302 is an RV-ready inverter generator. It is highly fuel-efficient because it gives excellent runtime. It has a sophisticated open-frame design, lightweight for its kind, and parallel capable. Also, its 3-year limited warranty makes it an ideal generator to buy.

Cons: Electric start system is missing. Also, it is not quite despite having quiet technology.


What makes Champion 100302 a hybrid generator?

A hybrid generator means that an inverter generator is placed in the skin of a traditionally non-inverter-style generator. This allows users to use a larger engine and get increased power output while decreasing cost. But the only problem is that because of being an open frame, its decibel rating is on the higher side.

Can I attach a wheel kit with this generator?

Yes, you can buy a Champion wheel kit separately and attach it to this generator. It consists of a folding handle and two 8-inch never-flat tires for easy transportation of the generator.

Can I modify the fuel system of this generator?

Champion 100302 has a gravity-fed fuel system, and it is not suggested to do any modification to the fuel system.

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