Champion 3100-watt (75531i) Portable Generator Review

Champion 75531i is the perfect combination of convenience and versatility. It is a compact and lightweight inverter generator featured with built-in wheels. It is RV-ready, ideal for powering sensitive electronics, and follows the emission standards. Also, Champion 75531i operates very quietly.

Champion 3100Watt inverter power station


Generator Type: This Champion 75531i is an RV-ready inverter generator. It is a closed frame unit that runs on gasoline to meet both indoor and outdoor power needs.  It is not only ideal for camping and tailgating but also provides sufficient backup power for your home during power outages.

Emissions: You can ship and use this generator in any American state. It not only meets the emission standards of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) but also follows the rules and regulations set by CARB (California Air Resources Board).

Portable: It is an extremely portable inverter generator. Its 83.8 pounds weight makes it slightly heavy, but its 5.5-inch wheels and a U-shaped fold-down handle allow easy movement. Also, Champion 75531i is a compact unit having 17.3 inches in width, 22.4 inches in length, and 18.3 inches in height.

Starting Method: Start your generator with a reliable recoil start system. Also, it features a cold start technology that helps the engine to start easily in minus temperatures.

Engine and Power Capacity: Champion 75531i includes a reliable 171cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. It is well-protected under a cast iron sleeve.

The engine delivers 120 Volts and 3100 watts of peak power, and 2800 watts of running power.

Engine Oil Capacity: Its oil holding capacity is 0.6 quarts, which is equal to 0.56 liters.

The engine oil that is recommended to use in this generator is 10W-30.

Clean Power: It produces clean power so you can power your sensitive electronic devices with confidence. The THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating of this Champion generator is less than 3%.

THD measures the amount of distortion present in a signal.

Parallel Capable: This Champion inverter generator doesn’t allow you to double to output power by connecting another inverter.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Runtime: A steel fuel tank of 1.6 gallons allows the generator to give a runtime of up to 8 hours at quarter load. Its gasoline consumption is around 0.2 gallons per hour.

Smart Economy Mode: Because of this smart economy mode, the engine changes its speed to match the load requirement. This helps save fuel, provide quieter operation, and increase the life of the engine.

Noise Level: Its ultra-quiet operation keeps you and your neighbors stress-free at campgrounds and tailgate parties. It operates only at 58 dBA from 23 feet.

Power Outlets: Champion 75531i has a 12 Volt 8 Ampere DC outlet that you can use to charge your batteries. Also, there are three AC power outlets, including two 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) receptacles and one RV-ready 120 Volt 30 Ampere (TT-30R) receptacle.

Light Indicators: Output ready, overload, and low-oil indicator lights tell you the status of your Champion generator.

When the oil level goes dangerously down, the low-oil indicator light turns on.

When the generator comes under extra load, the overload indicator notifies you about this.

And, the output indicator light tells that the generator is ready to go.

Choke System: It carries a manual choke system. Pull the choke switch to allow more fuel to reach the carburetor than air. This helps the cold engine to start easily.

Safety: Automatic voltage regulation and low-oil automatic shutdown are its two safety features.

Low-oil shutoff automatically shuts down the running engine to protect it from damage caused by running on extremely low oil.

The automatic voltage regulator stabilizes the generator’s output voltage at variable loads.

Warranty: A 3-year limited warranty with free lifetime technical support. The generator offers a limited warranty, so it means all the generator parts are not covered under warranty.

What Comes Inside the Box? The box includes an oil funnel, spark plug tool, and battery charging cables.

Champion 75531i vs. Honda EU3000IS vs. Briggs & Stratton P3000



  Champion 75531i Honda EU3000IS Briggs & Stratton P3000
Peak/Rated Watts 3100W/2800W 3000W/2800W 3000W/2600W
THD Rating < 3% < 3% < 3%
Fuel Tank Size 1.6 gal. 3.4 gal. 1.5 gal.
Runtime 8hrs (1/4 load) 20 hrs (1/4 load) 10 hrs (1/4 load)
Noise Level  58 dBA 50 dBA 58 dBA
Starting Method Recoil Recoil, Electric Recoil
Weight 83.8 lbs. 131 lbs. 84 lbs.

My Opinion:

Pros: Champion 75531i is an RV-ready inverter generator that is highly portable. It is extremely quiet, has a reliable engine, and offers decent fuel efficiency. It is less expensive than its competitors. Also, 75531i comes with a 3-year warranty.

Cons: Champion 75531i is not a parallel capable generator. It doesn’t have USB ports. Also, it has a short runtime.


Does Champion 75531i feature a fuel gauge?

No, this model doesn’t come with a fuel gauge. You always have to open the tank cap to check the remaining gas level.

Can you use both AC and DC outlets together?

Yes, you can power your batteries via a DC outlet and your household appliances via AC outlets simultaneously.

How frequently should you change the oil?

Use the 10W-30 motor oil for the first five hours, and then you can switch over to synthetic oils. After the first replacement, it is suggested to change the oil every 100 hours.

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