Best Rockpals Generators Reviews

Rockpals is somewhat new in solar technology, but their generators are of good quality and affordable. They are not only a supplier of portable power stations, but they also make rechargeable solar panels. They aim to provide the right power source to help users meet their energy requirements for different outdoor activities.

Not only this, but Rockpals portable generators are also available in the market that is of great value.

So, whether you need a portable power station for your adventures or want to have a portable generator for your home or outdoor usage, Rockpals is there for you.

Best Portable Power Stations





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Rockpals 300-watt Portable Power Station

  • 7.3 pounds weight

  • CPAP compatible

  • 18-month warranty

Rockpals 500-watt Portable Generator

  • 18-month warranty

  • 540 watt-hour power capacity

  • Battery Management System

Rockpals 12,000-watt Portable Generator

  • Switch-on-demand technology

  • EPA certified

  • Electric start system

Rockpals R2000i Generator

  • Parallel capable generator

  • Eco-mode

  • 2-year limited warranty

1. Rockpals 300-watt Portable Power Station – 280Wh Battery Capacity

Rockpals 300W power station

Portability: Rockpals 300-watt is a highly portable solar generator weighing only 7.3 pounds. Also, its built-in carrying handle makes it easy to move around.

Warranty: It offers an 18-month warranty.

Peak and rated power: Get clean and reliable power of 600 peaks and 300 rated watts.

Protection mode: It doesn’t support devices rated more than 300 watts. The generator goes into a protection mode if you exceed this 300 watts limit. And to reset it, you need to charge it from a wall charger.

CPAP compatible: CPAP is an essential medical device for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. It helps users to breathe easily while sleeping.

This Rockpals 300 is CPAP compatible, but it is suggested to use the DC converter and turn off the heater/humidifier to make it work longer. A fully recharged Rockpals 300 can power your CPAP machine up to 2 nights.

Battery capacity: A 280 watt-hour capacity lithium battery can power many things along with CPAP. It can charge a smartphone more than 26 times, a mini-fridge for about 6 to 18 hours, a laptop more than 5 times, drone 10+ times, a car refrigerator for about 3 to 5 hours, and a GoPro more than 35 times.

Battery recharging methods: Charge your generator battery in 5 to 7 hours from a 60-watt or 100-watt solar panel. And from a wall outlet and 12 Volt carport, get it done in 6 to 7 hours.

Pass-through Charging: It supports pass-through charging, which means you can power your battery and your devices at the same time.

Control panel: The control panel of Rockpals 300 has five DC ports (Four 12 Volt and one 24 Volt), four USB ports (Two 2.1A and two Quick Charge 3.0), and one AC port of 110 Volts. Also, it features an LCD screen that shows useful information related to the generator.

Automatic shutoff: It will be turned off automatically in 10 hours when a very less amount of power being drawn from the power ports. The generator does this to save power.

Flashlight: A built-in flashlight with two modes helps users to effectively deal with outdoor emergencies. These two modes include white light mode and SOS mode.

Safety: It features a Battery Management System (BMS) to provide ultimate protection against over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature. Also, it protects the battery and your devices from over-current, overload, and overcharge.

What is included in the package: The generator comes with a car charger cable, MC4 adapter, AC adapter, and a user guide.

My Opinion:

Pros: Rockpals 300 is a lightweight solar generator. It produces clean energy, quite easy to recharge, and has a variety of power options.

Cons: It automatically shuts down when working with less powerful devices.

2. Rockpals 500-watt Portable Generator – 540Wh Battery Capacity

Rockpals generator with 540Wh Battery

Portability: Rockpals 500-watt generator is powerful than the 300 models, so it is also heavier. It weighs 14 pounds, but users can still easily move it from one place to the other.

Warranty: It also comes with an 18-month warranty.

Peak and rated power: Rockpals 500 produces 1000 surge watts and 500 rated watts.

Protection mode: It powers only those devices that don’t need running power of more than 500 watts. If you try to power any power-hungry device, the generator will automatically go into the protection mode.

CPAP compatible: If you have an S9/S10 CPAP series, don’t forget to use the DC converter and remove the heater/humidifier to power the machine for up to 4 nights.

Battery capacity: It is powered by a lithium battery with 540 watt-hour power capacity. With this power capacity, you can charge your smartphone up to 58 times, car refrigerator for about 5 to 6 hours, mini projector more than 6 hours, laptop 7+ times, drone up to 20 times, and run a TV for up to 7 hours. Other than these products, you can run any device or appliance under 500 rated watts.

Battery recharging methods: No matter whether you are recharging the battery via a 100-watt solar panel, car charger, or a wall outlet, it will take around 6 to 7 hours to get fully recharged.

Control panel: Rockpals 500 has two 110 Volt AC ports, three 12 Volt DC ports, two 2.4 Ampere USB ports, one USB Type-C port, and one Quick Charge 3.0 USB port. All these ports allow you to power a variety of appliances and electronics. Also, an LCD screen shows the battery consumption, power in watts, and the runtime of the generator.

Automatic shutoff: Like the Rockpals 300, it also turns off automatically in 10 hours with low-power devices.

Flashlight: Its flashlight also comes with two different light modes. One is the white light mode, and the second is the SOS mode for emergencies.

Safety: The same Battery Management System provides six types of protection but with an inclusion of a low battery alarm.

What is included in the package? Rockpals 500 includes an AC cable, MC4 cable, car charging cable, and a user manual.

My Opinion:

Pros: Rockpals 500 is a great and powerful product. It can power a lot of devices for a long, thanks to its higher battery capacity. Also, a variety of power options, safety features, and a built-in flashlight make it a must-buy generator.

Cons: Its user manual is useless. Also, sometimes, it stops supplying power at 40%.

Best Portable Generators

3. Rockpals 12,000-watt Portable Generator – Higher Output Power

Rockpals 12000W power station

Dual fuel: This Rockpals 12,000-watt is a dual fuel portable generator. It has a switch-on-demand technology that allows seamless switching between gasoline and propane.

Certification: You can use this machine in all American states. It is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified product as well as CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant.

Power output: A 459cc 4-stroke V-OHV engine with an advanced alternator generates 5 to 8% more output power than its predecessors. It can produce 10,800 starting watts and 8,100 running watts on propane but 12,000 starting and 9,000 running watts on gasoline. With this output power, you can easily run multiple large appliances and tools.

Starting system: Electric start system makes operation easy.

Noise: It operates at 78dB from 23 feet, thanks to its noise insulation system and oversized muffler.

Tank capacity and runtime: Rockpals 12000 comes with a 6.6-gallon gasoline tank. It offers up to 8.5-hour runtime at half load.

Control Panel: Its control panel features various power outlets. These include two 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) outlets with GFCI protection, one 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) outlet, one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) outlet, and one 120/240 Volt 50 Ampere (L14-50R) outlet. Other than power outlets, it has an hour meter that helps in routine maintenance of the generator.

The L14-30R outlet allows you to connect the generator to a transfer switch of your house. The L14-50R outlet is quite useful for construction sites. And the L5-30R outlet can be used to connect the generator with an RV.

Safety: Advanced surge protector and low-oil shutdown are for the safety of your equipment and the generator.

Portability: It weighs 200 pounds, but you can move it without any trouble. A long U-shaped handle and never-flat wheels make it easy to transport.

My Opinion:

Pros: Rockpals 12000 produces higher output power, thanks to its powerful engine and alternator. It has a big fuel tank, a variety of outlets, and multiple safety features. Also, it is highly portable.

Cons:It is noisier than 78dB.

4. Rockpals R2000i Generator – Best Inverter Generator

Rockpals R2000i power station

Power output: This Rockpals inverter generator is powered by a 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV engine. It delivers 2000 watts of peak power and 1800 watts of rated power.

Parallel capable: It is a parallel capable generator. It means you can connect another R2000i with this generator to convert output power into double.

Portability: Its 46 pounds weight and an included carrying handle make it easy to move.

Starting system: You have to operate this generator manually.

Tank capacity and runtime: Its fuel storage tank can only accommodate 1 gallon of fuel but offers up to 8 hours of runtime.

Eco-Mode: The Eco-mode changes the speed of the engine to match the amount of load applied. The reduction in the speed of the engine helps save fuel. Also, it increases the engine’s life.

Noise: Rockpals R2000i is a quiet generator. At full load, it only operates at 58dB.

Control panel: Its control panel has two 5 Volt USB ports, one 12 Volt DC outlet, and two 120 volt household outlets. Also, it features three indication lights. The overload light turns on when the generator starts bearing extra load; the low oil indicator indicates that the oil level is below the minimum level. And the output indicator light tells the generator is ready to use.

Certifications: It is also both EPA and CARB certified.

After-sales support: The generator comes with a 2-year limited warranty and offers lifetime technical support.

My Opinion:

Pros: Rockpals R2000i is an inverter generator. It gives decent output power and higher runtime, thanks to its eco-mode. Also, it operates quietly and offers a 2-year limited warranty.

Cons: Its technical support is not as good as advertised. Also, it is not a long-lasting product.

Buyer’s Guide

To buy this best Rockpals generator, you have to keep in mind the following things.

Type of Generator

What type of generator do you need? If you are a hiker, explorer, or love doing camping, then the Rockpals solar-powered stations are made for you. They are ideal to power small appliances and electronics that you may need to make your trips interesting and memorable. Also, you can use them during power outages or to power your essentials at home and office.

If we talk about inverter generators, then they can power small to mid-size appliances as well as electronics. Inverters also produce clean power, which is ideal for running delicate electronics. But to power your whole house, an RV, or power-packed tools, you just need a conventional generator with higher power output.

Factors to Consider when Buying Rockpals Solar Generators

Power Output

Different solar models give different power outputs. Rockpals 300 produce 600 surge watts and 300 rated watts. It means you can run all those devices that need less than 300 watts of power to run or charge. On the other hand, Rockpals 500 allows you to power all those items that are rated below 500 watts.

So, the selection of the generator depends on the type of devices you have. If 300 rated power is enough for your devices, select Rockpals 300; otherwise, Rockpals 500 is the best choice.

Battery Capacity

Rockpals 500 battery is more powerful and has higher power-storing capacity so it can bear more load and run your appliances and electronics for longer than the Rockpals 300-watt generator.

Solar Panels

Rockpals solar generators don’t come with solar panels, so you have to buy them separately. If you only need a generator for smaller outdoor activities, then you can ignore buying a solar panel. Charge your battery via an AC wall outlet or a carport and enjoy your gatherings. But solar panels come in handy when you are on an off-grid trip, and due to some reasons, you are forced to extend the duration of your trip.

For Rockpals 300, you can either go with a Rockpals 60-watt or 100-watt solar panel and for Rockpals 500, it is suggested to use the Rockpals 100-watt solar panel.

Factors to Consider when Buying Rockpals Portable Generators

Power Output

List down all those things that you need to power through your generator and add their watts. The total number of watts will help you to get the best suited portable generator.

If we talk about Rockpals portable generators, then we have only two options available. One is the R2000i that produces 2000 peak watts and 1800 rated watts. And the second one is Rockpals 12000, which is a dual fuel generator. It delivers 9000 rated watts on gasoline, and 8100 rated watts on propane.

So, if you only need small or mid-size appliances to power, select R2000i. But to run your whole house or tools at a construction site, use Rockpals 12000.


Inverter generators make a less operational sound than conventional generators. Rockpals R2000i creates only 58dB noise at full load, whereas Rockpals 12000 creates 78dB noise.

If you are going with an inverter generator, then its noise rating is ideal for you. But if you need a powerful generator, then make sure you are more than 7 meters away from the unit.


Runtime depends on the tank capacity and fuel-efficiency of the engine. Also, the amount of load changes the runtime.

Rockpals R2000i has a smaller fuel tank of 1-gallon, but because of the eco-mode, it gives higher runtime. On the other hand, Rockpals 12000 has a much bigger fuel tank of 6.6 gallons, so it also gives higher runtime, but because it has a powerful engine, its runtime and R2000i runtime is almost the same.


Both the Rockpals portable generators come with a safety feature to keep the engine and your equipment and appliances safe and protected.

Rockpals 12000 comes with a surge protector and automatic low-oil shutdown. And the R2000i model has overload protection and low-oil shutdown features.


What kind of oil is recommended to use in Rockpals portable generators?

You can either use 10W-30 or 15W-40 motor oil to keep the engine running in a good state.

Which CPAP machine can Rockpals 500 generator power?

It supports CPAP machines with less than 96-watt rated power.

Can I use two 100-watt solar panels to power Rockpals 500?

The Rockpals 100-watt solar panel is not parallel capable. You have to buy two 80-watt solar panels to power your Rockpals 500. But if you need a 200-watt solar panel, you can go for other brands.

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