5 Best Generator Mufflers to Quiet your Noisy Machine

We all know that how much disturbance running portable generators can cause. While you are looking for a peaceful time on your camping trips or during blackouts, the constant buzz and noise can interrupt your peace. While the sound from fixed and modern generators is negligible due to high-quality mufflers, portable generators do not have this luxury. Most models do not come with a good quality muffler, or your muffler may stop reducing the sound due to wear and tear. At this time, you need a new and better muffler to reduce the sound of your generator.

We have done considerable research on generators, mufflers, and all other related things. Today, we are going to review the best generator mufflers available on the market. We have already filtered out the ineffective ones, and our list contains only the best ones.

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Let’s reduce your generator’s noise and make your time pleasant!

Generator Mufflers Reviewed





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Camco 44461 Black Gen-Turi RV Exhaust Venting System

  • Wards off carbon monoxide

  • Easy installation

  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Walker 17911 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

  • aluminum construction

  • spot-welded brushing

  • Universal design

Walker 22266 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler
  • 100% stainless steel construction

  • louvered tube technology

  • Hanger style installation

Upower 3 Inch Inlet and Outlet Exhaust Muffler

  • 3-inch inlet and outlet diameter

  • 100% welded design

  • roving glass pack technology

Stens 105-296 Lawn and Garden Muffler

  • Best for Kohler, Cub Cadet

  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • Reliable for years

1. Camco 44461 Black Gen-Turi RV Exhaust Venting System – Easy to Install and Disconnect

Camco 44461 generator muffler

Camco has manufactured a masterpiece by giving its muffler exceptional design and features. It not only effectively reduces the sound of your generator but also improves the air quality around. It helps in warding off the carbon monoxide above the roofline of your RVs, so you get fresh and healthy air for breathing.

It can be used on most exhaust systems. The installation is easy and can be done without the help of any high-tech tools. The construction without any moving parts further reduces the sound emission. You do not need any power source to work with this muffler. It has an overall length of 120 inches, which gives it the ability to take away the sound and exhaust fumes.  You can also extend the muffler by adding a separate extension muffler of 18 inches.

These extensions are brought separately and can be bought from here.  It is a lightweight muffler and adds just 9 pounds to your cargo. It comes with 30-days money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is the most sought after muffler for portable generators because of compatibility, sound reduction, and keeping carbon monoxide and other harmful exhausts away from the area. It is a bit costly as well.

2. Walker 17911 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

walker 17911 generator muffler

It comes with aluminum construction and an anti-corrosion, anti-rust and durable design. It looks simple and an ordinary muffler, but in reality, it works excellently and does what it is supposed to do: reduce the sound from your generator. The interior is designed in accordance with the tube and partition style design. The bushings are spot-welded and provide stability and system support. It is a universal design muffler and may require little modification according to the design and specifications of your generator.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

The muffler takes the second spot on our list because of its effective sound reduction. Once installed, you will notice a visible difference in sound emissions from your portable generator.

3. Walker 22266 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Walker 22266 stainless steel generator muffler

Another muffler from the house of Walker, it is perfect for installation on generators. It is built using 100% stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion. The louvered tube technology is very effective in sound reduction and works better than the standard tube-shaped mufflers. Installation can be carried out on routing or hanger style. Hanger style installation is quick and easy and consumes less time. One distinct feature is the internal draining mechanism for corrosion resistance. It extends the life of your muffler and also enhances the sound reduction ability. The muffler comes with a limited lifetime warranty and 90-days money-back guarantee.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

A very reasonable muffler for your portable generator with adequate sound reduction features.

4. Upower 3 Inch Inlet and Outlet Exhaust Muffler Aluminized Glasspack Body Length 18″ Overall Length 21″

Upower generator muffler

This muffler comes with a 3-inch inlet and outlet diameter; if you are planning to buy this, make sure it connects to the exhaust system of your generator. The overall length of the muffler is 21 inches and is built according to the directional design. The muffler comes with a 100% welded design to increase durability and eliminate any moving parts from the design. Steel and aluminum construction provides durability, and it lasts for 3-4 years for your generator. The interior sounds or resonance is absorbed by the continuous roving glass pack technology to further reduce the generator sound. The muffler has a 1-year warranty.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

It is an average muffler for sound reduction. It works well for a couple of years and then starts to show troubles.

5. Stens 105-296 Lawn and Garden Muffler

Stens generator muffler

It is a replacement muffler for models like OEM Cub Cadet 393840-R91, IH-393840-R91, Kohler 237550, 237550-S, and fits generators like Cub Cadet Garden Tractors, Kohler K241, K301, and K321. The muffler reduces sound to a certain level and works well for a couple of years. Keep in mind that you will not get any clamps with this model so you will have to arrange them yourself. You get a 30-days money-back guarantee on this muffler.

Our Opinion and Verdict:

We suggest you buy this muffler only if you are looking for a replacement for the models listed above. If you are not looking for a replacement, consider buying one of the models listed above.

8 Ways to Reduce the Sound from Generator

Apart from using a good-quality muffler, there are some other ways you can employ to reduce the sound of your generators. These are listed below:

  1. Build a soundproof box
  2. Install it away from your home
  3. Keep it away as much as you can from the camping site
  4. Turn the exhaust away from your camping site or your home
  5. Deflect the sound by keeping the generator behind a wooden plank (make sure you do not cover the exhaust pipes)
  6. Play some music at your camping site
  7. Add a sound-absorbing mat below your generator as it absorbs sound or adds rubber pieces under the wheels
  8. Make sure there is no loose connection as it can cause an increase in sound emission.


We have listed the best mufflers for you to select. The top 3 mufflers on our list are the best-rated and most effective in reducing the sound of your generators.

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  1. Dear Bob

    Yes, you can connect two mufflers in line for better results. However, it will be a complicated setup, and you may face problems in the long run. Try getting your unit serviced at a local mechanic. Sometimes loud sound comes due to minor faults in the engine.


  2. Interesting information for generator users I’m at my wits end trying to find a muffler (noise reducer) for my Powermate 5500 generator, Model PM0525500. I know its quite old, and should’ve replaced the muffler long ago, but it works fine. Just noisy.

    I checked with ereplacementparts.com and apparently they don’t make or stock the muffler, but there may be an aftermarket one that will work.


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