Best 15000 Watt Generators: Power Solutions for Industries

Generators are quite useful as they provide power to your homes during outages or help you run your tools at off-grid worksites. But to deal with power outages that last longer, you must need a powerful generator that can run your whole house. So, a 15000-watt generator is a perfect choice for it. It not only can power almost everything in your house but also your power tools at a construction site.

So, if you need a powerful portable generator, then here we have a list of the best 15000-watt machines. All these units are portable, reliable, and versatile.

15,000-Watt Generator Reviews





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DuroMax XP15000EH Portable Generator

  • 713cc, 4-stroke engine

  • Single start system

  • 9 hrs runtime at 50% load

Generac GP15000E Portable Generator

  • 992cc, 30HP engine

  • 16-gallon gasoline tank

  • 2 years warranty

Champion 100111 Portable Generator
  • 457cc, 4-stroke OHV engine

  • Cold start technology

  • 78 dBA noise level

CAT RP12000E Portable Generator

  • 670cc V-Twin OHV engine

  • Electric start system

  • 2 year warranty

Pulsar PG15KVTWB Portable Generator

  • 713cc, 4-stroke engine

  • 15000-12000 watts output

  • 10 hrs runtime at 50% load

1. DuroMax XP15000EH Portable Generator – Overall Best

DuroMax lightweight power station


Generator Type: DuroMax XP15000EH is one of the best portable 15000-watt traditional generators. It is a transfer switch ready unit that operates on both gasoline and propane. Its all-metallic frame makes it sturdy and reliable. It is a perfect choice for worksites, homes, or camping.

Engine and Output Power: It houses a powerful 713cc, 4-stroke DuroMax V-Twin engine. It provides 120/240 Volt output and delivers 15000 starting and 12000 running watts on gas. But when using propane, it produces 14250 peak and 11400 rated watts.

MX2 Technology: DuroMax XP15000EH includes MX2 Technology that gives you the maximum power from each of the 120 Volt power outlets. You can operate your generator either at 120 Volts and 240 Volts together or get full power from each of the 120 Volt receptacles.

Power Outlets: Its power panel includes seven AC outlets, but there is no DC outlet.

You can power your household appliances via four 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) receptacles. These outlets are GFCI protected that provide protection against electrical shocks.

With a 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) receptacle, you can connect the generator to your RV through an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor.

The 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) receptacle allows you to link the generator to your home’s manual transfer switch. And a 120/240 Volt 50 Ampere (14-50R) receptacle can be used to run heavy-duty power tools at a worksite.

Starting Option: It only comes with an electric start system; there is no recoil backup available.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: You can fill up to 8.3 gallons of gasoline in the tank that will give you around 9 hours of runtime at half load. Or if you are going to use a 20-pound propane tank, then it will give around 3 hours of runtime at half load.

Idle Control: When the generator is not in use, the idle control feature lowers the engine speed to conserve fuel and reduce noise.

Fuel Consumption: It uses less gas per hour than propane. Its gasoline consumption is around 0.92 gallons per hour, and propane consumption is around 1.57 gallons per hour.

Operational Sound: DuroMax XP15000EH creates 77 dBA of noise.

Multi Meter: There is also a multimeter, which displays the lifetime run hours, voltage, frequency, and maintenance hours of the generator.

Safety Features: For the safety of your generator and appliances, there is surge arrest, low oil shutoff, and overload protection.

Surge arrest safeguards your unit and appliances from power surges. Low oil shutoff stops the engine when it detects the oil is lower than a minimum level. And overload protection prevents overheating of the engine.

Portability: It weighs 349 pounds, so it is impossible to lift this generator manually. But there is a lifting hook at the top that can be used to move this generator from one place to the other on a construction site. Also, there are durable wheels and fold-down handles that make it easy to transport once it is on the ground.

Emissions: Certified by both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board)

Warranty: It includes a 3-year limited warranty.

My Opinion:

Pros: DuroMax XP15000EH is a strong and powerful dual fuel generator. It has idle control that saves fuel. It comes with GFCI outlets and an electric start system. Also, XP15000EH includes a variety of power receptacles and safety features.

Cons: There is no recoil backup.

2. Generac GP15000E Portable Generator – Most Powerful


Generac lightweight power station

Generator Type: Generac GP15000E is the most powerful portable conventional generator of all. It is a transfer switch ready unit, powered by gas. It is a perfect choice for worksites and emergency applications.

Engine and Output Power: It carries a 992cc, 30HP, 4-stroke Generac OHVI engine. It gives 120/240 Volt output and produces 22500 watts of peak power and 15000 watts of running power.

You can quickly run your whole house through this generator. This output power is also sufficient to run your whole recreational vehicle or multiple high amperage power tools at a job site.

Power Outlets: Generac GP15000E’s control panel is equipped with eight AC receptacles and one DC receptacle.

Out of eight AC receptacles, there are two 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) GFCI outlets, two standard 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) outlets, and two 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) outlets along with one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) outlet and one 120/240 Volt 50 Ampere (14-50R) outlet. Also, a 12 Volt 10 Ampere DC outlet is part of the power panel.

It is not an RV-ready unit, but you can still link this generator to your motorhome using the L5-30R outlet. The L14-30R outlet allows you to connect the generator to the breaker box of your home. And the 14-50R receptacle will run your high amperage power tools.

Starting Option: Electric start system makes it easy to operate the generator.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: With a huge 16-gallon gasoline tank, you will get up to a 10-hour runtime at half load.

Idle Control: The idle control feature reduces the engine’s speed when there is no load. This helps save fuel and money.

Fuel Consumption: It uses 1.6 gallons of fuel in an hour.

Hour Meter: The Hour Meter displays the unit’s total run hours to do maintenance on time.

Safety Features: Overload protection is there along with automatic low-pressure shutdown.

Portability: It is heavier (363 pounds) than the DuroMax XP15000EH. But a built-in handle and long-lasting wheels make it is easy to move on the ground. Also, a lifting eye at the top of the generator makes it simple to lift by using a special machine. It is 48.5 inches in length, 31 inches wide, and 39.5 inches in height.

Emissions: Generac GP15000E is not approved by CARB (California Air Resources Board), so it can’t be used in California. But it is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified, so expect California, you can use this generator anywhere in America.

Warranty:2-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty

My Opinion:

Pros: Generac GP15000E is a conventional portable generator featuring the most powerful engine. It gives tremendous output power and decent runtime. It uses an electric start system and has GFCI receptacles. Also, GP15000E features an hour meter.

Cons: It is not CARB compliant.

3. Champion 100111 Portable Generator – With Volt Guard


Champion 100111 lightweight power station

Generator Type: Champion 100111 is a gas-powered portable traditional generator. It is also a transfer switch ready machine that is strong and durable. It can be used at homes or construction sites. Also, RV travelers can buy this unit to power their motorhomes.

Engine and Output Power: It includes a reliable 717cc, 4-stroke Champion V-Twin engine with a cast iron sleeve. It gives an output of 120/240 Volts and offers 15000 peak watts and 12000 rated watts.

This power output is adequate to run whole houses or heavy-duty power tools and equipment.

Power Outlets: Users can run their household appliances or small power tools via four 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) GFCI outlets. The 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) outlet will help you make an RV connection via an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor. The 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) is a transfer switch ready outlet that allows you to link the unit to your home’s breaker box. And to run heavy-duty power tools, you can use the 120/240 Volt 50 Ampere (14-50R) outlet.

Starting Option: You only have one start option that is electric start. But it also includes a cold start technology that helps the engine to start in extremely cold weather.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: Its fuel tank is made up of steel that can hold up to 10.9 gallons of gas.

On a completely filled gas tank, its engine can run up to 9 hours at half load.

Fuel Consumption: The gas consumption of Champion 100111 is around 1.21 gallons per hour.

Operational Sound: It produces 78 dBA of noise from a distance of 23 feet.

Champion 100111 is slightly louder than DuroMax XP15000EH.

Intelligauge: Intelligauge meter shows the lifetime operating hours, voltage, and frequency of the generator. This helps monitor the unit’s status and activity.

Safety Features: Volt Guard and automatic low oil shutdown are the two safety features.

Volt Guard protects the generator from overloading, and a low oil shutdown protects the engine from damage caused due to running an engine on low oil.

Portability: Champion 100111 is portable as it features 12” durable wheels, a drop-down handle, and a lifting hook.

If it is on the ground, move it with the help of a handle and wheels. But to lift it by the machine, use the lifting hook.

It is slightly lighter than DuroMax XP15000EH and Generac GP15000E. Its weight is 329.6 pounds, and it is 31.1 inches wide, 33.9 inches in length, and 33.1 inches in height.

Emissions: In any American state, you can use this generator as it is certified by both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board).

Warranty: Includes a 3-year limited warranty

My Opinion:

Pros: Champion 100111 is an ultra-powerful generator that is transfer switch ready. It easily starts even in winters, thanks to its cold start technology. It features GFCI outlets and a big fuel tank that gives decent runtime. Also, Champion 100111 comes with a Volt Guard feature.

Cons: There is no DC outlet available.

4. CAT RP12000E Portable Generator – Produces Clean Power


CAT RP12000E Portable Generator

Generator Type: The RP12000E is a powerful conventional generator from CAT. It is a perfect choice for homes as it is transfer switch ready. Also, you can power your work and play with this generator.

Engine and Output Power: It is powered by a 670cc V-Twin OHV engine featuring a pressurized oil system. It can deliver 120/240 Volt output and produce 12000 running watts and 15000 starting watts.

This generator can also power your delicate electronics along with running your appliances and power tools. With an automatic voltage regulation system, its THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating is less than 5%, best suited for sensitive electronics like tablets, phones, computers, etc.

Power Outlets: It is featured with eight AC outlets and one DC outlet.

The AC outlets include four 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) household outlets, two 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) outlets, one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) outlet, and one 120/240 Volt 50 Ampere (14-50R) outlet.

You can use the L5-30R receptacle to make an RV connection. The L14-30R receptacle connects the generator to the manual transfer switch of your home. And the 14-50R receptacle is ideal for powering high amperage power tools.

The DC outlet includes a 12 Volt 8 Ampere outlet that you can use to charge your external batteries.

Starting Option: CAT RP12000E only features an electric start system.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: It runs continuously for around 11.7 hours at half load on a 13.2-gallon metal tank.

Its tank features a fuel gauge so that users can check the fuel level anytime.

Idle Control: The idle control feature saves fuel to give you good runtime. It lowers down the engine’s RPM (Revolutions per Minute) when there is no load.

Safety Features: CAT RP12000E also comes with overload protection and low oil shutoff features.

Portability: It includes durable wheels and a U-shaped handle that make it portable. Also, there is a removable lifting eye to easily lift and move the generator from one location to another.

The weight of this CAT generator is around 350 pounds, and its dimensions are 35.7” (L) x 32.7” (W) x 35.8” (H).

Emissions: Both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) approved

Warranty:2-year limited warranty

My Opinion:

Pros: CAT RP12000E produces clean power with less than 5% THD. It features a powerful engine that starts easily via an electric start system. Also, it includes GFCI outlets, idle control, and safety features.

Cons: It is an expensive product. Also, it doesn’t have a recoil start option.

5. Pulsar PG15KVTWB Portable Generator – Heaviest Among All


Pulsar lightweight portable power station

Generator Type: Pulsar PG15KVTWB is also a dual fuel portable conventional generator like the DuroMax XP15000EH. It is featured with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame for durability. You can use this generator either at home or at a job site.

Engine and Output Power: It is constructed with a powerful 713cc, 4-stroke Ducar V-Twin OHV engine featuring an air-cooled system.

It offers 120/240 Volt output and provides 15000 peak watts and 12000 rated watts on gas. But on propane, it gives 13500 peak watts and 11000 rated watts.

Power Outlets: Pulsar PG15KVTWB is equipped with seven AC outlets, including four 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) outlets, one 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) outlet, one 120/240 Volt 30 Ampere (L14-30R) outlet, and one 120/240 Volt 50 Ampere (14-50R) outlet.

Starting Option: Start your generator’s engine by using an electric start mechanism (battery included).

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: A gas tank of 10.6 gallons can give up to 10 hours of runtime at half load, but a 20-pound propane tank can give a 3-hour runtime at half load.

Fuel Consumption: Its engine uses around 1.57 gallons of propane per hour and 1.06 gallons of gas per hour.

Operational Sound:77 dBA is its operational sound.

Safety Features: Automatic low oil shutoff and overload protection (circuit breaker)

Portability: Pulsar PG15KVTWB is the heaviest portable generator, weighing 380 pounds. It is 26.5” wide, 39.5” in length, and 32” in height.

Manually lifting and moving this generator is really impossible because of its heavyweight. But the generator includes wheels, folding handles, and a lifting hook for easy transportation.

Emissions: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant

Warranty: It includes a 2-year warranty.

My Opinion:

Pros: Pulsar PG15KVTWB is a powerful generator that operates on both propane and gas. It offers decent fuel efficiency, creates acceptable noise, and features an electric start system.

Cons: It is heavier. Also, a recoil backup is missing.

Buyer’s Guide

At the time of purchasing the best 15000-watt generator, keep in mind the following things.

Generator Type

Single vs. Dual Fuel: Single fuel generators are quite common. Generally, they are powered by gas that is readily available. However, it is expensive and not a clean fuel.

On the other hand, dual fuel generators generally run on gas and propane. They make the units perform better and give extended runtime than single fuel generators.

Propane is cleaner and inexpensive as compared to gasoline. So, the combo of gas and propane make dual-fuel units versatile and reliable.

In this article, we have two dual-fuel generators and three single fuel 15000-watt generators.

Portable vs. Standby: You can either select portable 15000-watt generators or standby 15000-watt units. In this article, we have only mentioned portable units as you can take them with you anywhere. Also, portable generators are light in weight and inexpensive than standby units that are installed permanently. However, standby generators provide an automatic power supply to your home.

Power Output

First of all, find out how many appliances or power tools you are going to run simultaneously. Make sure the 15000-watt power is sufficient for the appliances or tools you have. If not, you can go for Generac GP15000E that produces 22500 starting watts and 15000 running watts.

But still, 15000-watt power is enough to run multiple big sized appliances or heavy-duty power tools at the same time.

Tank Size and Runtime

15000-watt generators come with big-sized fuel tanks, but not all generators give good runtime. Generac GP15000E features a 16-gallon tank to give you 10 hours of runtime at half load. Some generators come with an idle control feature that conserves fuel and gives excellent runtime.

Before buying, make sure your 15000-watt generator has a big fuel tank and an idle control feature.

Power Receptacles

Focus on the power receptacles of your generator. If you are looking to run your whole house via a 15000-watt generator, make sure it has an L14-30R (transfer switch ready) outlet. Also, these powerful units come with an L5-30R outlet to make an RV connection. Moreover, the 14-50R outlet powers your heavy-duty appliances or tools. And the 5-20R outlets are for powering small to mid-sized appliances or tools.


These 15000-watt generators not only produce higher output power, but they are also bigger and heavier. However, all these units come along with wheels and handle for easy portability. Also, some units have a lifting eye or hook for easy transportation.

Ease of Use

Before buying a generator of any brand, make sure it is easy to start. All the 15000-watt generators that are mentioned above have an electric start system. Also, ensure that adding fuel and oil is not a problem.


What can you power with a 15000-watt generator?

You can easily power the following items simultaneously with a 15000-watt generator.

  • Refrigerator
  • Hairdryer
  • Clothes dryer
  • Sump pump of ½ HP
  • Furnace fan of ½ HP
  • Slow cooker

Never forget to check the peak and rated watts of the appliances before connecting them to the generator.

What sort of maintenance 15000-watt portable generators need?

  • Never forget to change the first oil after 30 hours, and then you can change it every 100 hours.
  • Every 200 hours of operation, change the plugs and air filters.
  • Always keep the battery charged for electric start.
  • When storing the generator, drain the fuel. You can also use a fuel stabilizer if storing your generator for a short time period.
  • When kept in storage, never forget to start your generator every 30 days.

Which 15000-watt generator has the biggest fuel tank?

Generac GP15000E has the biggest fuel tank of 16 gallons.

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