Why are the Portable Generators Usually so Loud?

Are you disturbed by the sound of your portable generator? The constant roar and buzz of the generator disturbs the outing moments and creates a lot of hassle for you during blackouts. While there are some ways to quiet up your portable generator, it is also essential to know why your portable generator is making so much noise.

In this article, we will look at the reasons behind your portable generator’s loudness and offer some tips to help you reduce its sound.

Why are the Portable Generators so loud?

Cheap Design – One of the common factors behind portable generators’ loudness is the affordable design and inferior quality components installed by the makers. To reduce the cost, they let go of the basic features used to reduce generators’ sound. They forgo adding rubber pads, efficient mufflers, and soundproofing material while making the generator.

Poor mufflers in generator

Poor Mufflers – Another common reason behind the loudness of your generator is the poor quality mufflers. Not only do portable generators come with cheap dampers, but you also don’t bother looking at them. Mufflers need to be replaced after a couple of years to ensure that they reduce exhaust sound effectively. You can find the best mufflers on the market here.

Vibrations – Loose nuts and bolts are also the culprits behind the noise created by your generator. They vibrate your generator, and as a result, your generator’s steel components make a lot of noise. It adds up to the running sound, and the intensity of the sound is increased.

Location – Often, you place your generator at the wrong location, or you don’t turn the exhaust away from your home or camping area. As a result, you have to bear the high sound of your generator.

Portable generator engine

Engine Problems – Sometimes, portable generators face some tiny engine problems, like a loose component or faulty ring. These problems are not big enough to stop your Generator but, instead, take the volume high up.

Tips to reduce the sound of your Generator

The following tips will help you reduce the sound of your Generator and make your life easy. All the tips mentioned below are easy to achieve and require little input from you.

Get an inverter generator – If you want a soundless experience with portable generators, you should buy an inverter generator. Portable inverter generators produce less sound and are also energy efficient. The extra amount you spend on buying an inverter generator, you can recover by savings on fuel.

Change your Generator’s position – By changing your Generator’s position while it is running, you can decrease its loudness.

Tightening the bolts – Check for the loose nuts and bolts to reduce the vibration and the noise it adds to the overall buzz.

exhaust in generator

Adjust the exhaust pipes – You can adjust the exhaust pipes in an upward or opposite direction to reduce the noise that reaches your hair. Make sure you do not turn it towards your neighbors and fellow campers to disturb them.

A generator box – If you use your generator at home, you can keep it in a generator box. You can make it yourself or get it custom built by a carpenter. Make sure you leave ample space for heat and exhaust.

Replace the muffler – You can get a new muffler to reduce the sound.

The water miracle – Generator’s sound can be reduced by using water. To find out more about this method and all the listed above, you can read our guide on making your generator quiet.

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All portable generators are loud and disturbing. It depends on how you deal with the problem. We hope that after reading all the information listed above, you will be able to tone the noise from your generator and make it bearable.

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