WEN 56125i Portable Generator Review

WEN 56125i is an inexpensive and reliable inverter generator. Although its power output is not that great, it produces clean and stable power. It can run your small appliances and electronics. It is fuel-efficient, operates at a lower decibel rating, and has a chock switch to start the generator easily. Also, it is backed by a 2-year warranty.

WEN 56125i portable power station with quiet performance


Generator Type: WEN 56125i is a gasoline-fueled inverter generator. It has a closed frame design that protects all internal parts of the generator from water and dust. It is great for power outages, tailgate parties, campsites, and other outdoor activities.

Mobility: It is an extremely lightweight and compact generator. Its 31.6 pounds weight makes it quite easy to move. Besides, built-in large carrying handles further increases its mobility. It is 16.5 inches in height, 9 inches wide, and 17 inches in length.

Emissions: Environmental friendly generators are always the best to buy. This WEN product is also environmentally friendly as it is certified by both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board). These agencies have a set of rules that this generator strictly follows to keep the air free from pollution.

Power Capacity: WEN 56125i produces clean power without having voltage spikes and drops. It is equipped with a 60cc 4-stroke WEN OHV engine, which gives a starting power of 1250 watts and running power of 1000 watts.

With this power output, you not only can run small appliances, but this generator is also safe for delicate power electronics. It has a very low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating of less than 1.2% at the full load that allows you to run your computer, laptop, tablet, TV, gaming systems, and other sensitive electronics.

Less THD rating means a pure sine wave with a minimal level of distortion.

Parallel Capable: It is also a parallel capable generator. It means you can link another WEN 56125i with this generator to produce more output power. This feature comes in handy when you need extra power during emergencies or other situations. But to do this, you have to purchase the WEN 56421 parallel connection kit separately.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Runtime: It has the smallest fuel tank of 0.69 gallons that can keep the generator running for up to 5 hours at half load. Its engine consumes 0.14 gallons of gasoline per hour.

Eco-Throttle Mode: For maximum fuel efficiency, use the Economy mode. When activated, it helps the engine to auto-adjust its fuel consumption to match the load requirement. It not only saves your fuel and money but also increases the engine’s lifespan.

Starting Mechanism: Users need to pull-start this generator, but it usually starts on a single pull.

Noise Level: WEN 56125i is an inverter generator, so it operates quietly at 51 dBA at 25% load from a distance of 23 feet. You can use this generator in campgrounds and tailgate parties without disturbing your neighbors.

Power Receptacles: Its power panel is featured with two 120 Volt AC 20 Ampere (5-20R) outlets and two 5 Volt USB ports.

With 5-20R receptacles, you can power different small appliances, and the USB ports are used to charge your electronics.

Light Indicators: The power panel of WEN 56125i also has three indicator lights that tell the generator’s status and activity. Low oil light glows when the engine oil level goes below the minimum level. The overload light turns on when the extra load is applied to the generator. And, output ready light indicates the unit is ready to run.

Choke Switch: Along with power outlets and indicator lights, a choke switch restricts the flow of air and allows more fuel to reach the carburetor. A mixture with more fuel and less air helps a cold engine to start easily.

Safety: The overload protection and low oil and low fuel automatic shutoff features protect the generator and your appliances and electronics from damages.

Warranty: This inverter generator offers a 2-year warranty.

WEN 56125i vs. Westinghouse iGen1200 vs. Honda EU1000i



  WEN 56125i Westinghouse iGen1200 Honda EU1000i
Peak/Rated Watts 1250W/1000W 1200W/1000W 1000W/900W
Fuel Tank Size 0.69 gal. 0.8 gal. 0.6 gal.
Runtime 5 hrs (1/2 load) 7 hrs (1/2 load) 6 hrs (1/2 load)
Noise Level  51 dBA 52 dBA 42 dBA
Starting Method Recoil Recoil Recoil
Weight 31.6 lbs. 33 lbs. 28.7 lbs.

My Opinion:

Pros: WEN 56125i is a highly portable generator weighing only 31.6 pounds. It can only power your extremely essential items, but it is a reliable unit. It is also parallel capable so that you can double the output power anytime. Also, WEN 56125i has a low operational sound, excellent THD rating, and several safety features.

Cons: Its small tank is quite small. Also, it doesn’t come with a 12 Volt DC outlet.


How is an inverter generator different from a conventional generator?

Inverter generators are different from conventional generators in many ways.

  • Conventional generators only produce simple AC power, whereas inverter generators produce high-frequency AC power converted into DC power and then back to stable AC power. Inverters produce clean electricity with minimal levels of harmonic distortion. On the other hand, most of the conventional generators don’t produce clean power. They come with a higher THD rating.
  • Inverter machines cannot produce higher output power. The maximum they can produce is 6000 watts, but conventional units can produce higher output power up to 15,000 watts easily.
  • Conventional generators have big fuel tanks as compared to inverter generators. But inverters are more fuel-efficient, so with smaller fuel tanks, they give higher runtime. On the other hand, conventional units utilize their big fuel tanks to give higher runtime.
  • Another difference between the two is the noise level. Inverters produce less operational sound, but conventional generators are always noisy.
  • Inverters come with a parallel capability feature that allows them to link another inverter generator to generate more power. On the other side, conventional units don’t need that feature because they already give higher power output.
  • Generally, conventional units are less expensive than inverter generators.

What type of fuel is best to buy for this generator?

Regular gasoline without having ethanol is to best to use in these small engines.

Can I connect a WEN generator of different wattage with this generator?

Yes, you can link any inverter generator from WEN with this 56125i model.

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