Rainier R4400DF Portable Generator Review

Rainier R4400DF is a reliable power source for both indoor and outdoor use. It is an RV-ready generator that is dual fuel. It starts quickly, thanks to its convenient electric start mechanism. Its decent fuel tank size offers a good runtime. Also, Rainier R4400DF is EPA and CARB-approved and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Rainier gas and propane power station


Generator Type: Rainier R4400DF is an open-frame conventional generator that is dual fuel. It is a reliable power source for RV travelers. Also, homeowners can use it for powering their appliances during emergencies.

Dual Fuel Technology: Its dual-fuel technology allows you to either use gasoline or propane to run the generator. A fuel selector switch is available that allows safe switching between the fuel options.

Weight and Size: The weight of Rainier R4400DF is 113 pounds. It is 23 inches wide, 23.5 inches in length, and 21 inches in height.

It comes with a foam gripping drop-down handle and 8” never-flat wheels that make this generator pretty maneuverable.

Starting Option: Featuring an easy-to-use electric start system with a pull-start (recoil) backup. The electric start option offers convenience to users.

Engine and Power Wattage: This RV-ready generator is constructed with a reliable 212cc, 4-stroke OHV engine.

It delivers 120 volts output and produces 3600 running watts and 4400 starting watts when running on gasoline. But on propane, its power output goes down to 3300 rated watts and 4000 peak watts.

THD Rating: If you are going to power your vulnerable electronic items through this generator, it is not a good idea. It has a relatively high THD rating of <23%, which is not ideal for phones, tablets, computers, and other sensitive electronics.

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) measures the power supply quality. Higher THD tells that the electrical signal has a higher harmonic distortion of voltage or current.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Rainier R4400DF comes with a 4-gallon gasoline tank featuring a fuel gauge.

With the help of a fuel gauge, you can easily check the fuel level in the tank.

Run Time: On a 4-gallon gasoline tank, this Rainier generator can provide power up to 18 hours at 25% load. And it can run up to 11 hours at 25% load on a 20-pound propane tank. You can also use a bigger propane tank to get higher runtime.

It uses up to around 0.22 gallons of gasoline per hour and 0.43 gallons of propane per hour.

Noise Level: It is rated for a noise of 69 dBA.

Power Receptacles: The power panel of this generator has four AC receptacles. These outlets include two 120 Volt 20 Ampere (5-20R) outlets, one 120 Volt 30 Ampere (L5-30R) outlet, and one 120 Volt 30 Ampere (TT-30R) outlet.

The 5-20R outlets are for powering your household appliances, whereas the TT-30R outlet helps you keep your RV or travel trailer running.

VFT Data Center: VFT data center is a very useful feature of Rainier R4400DF. It displays the voltage and frequency and the lifetime run hours of the generator to make maintenance easier.

Safety: Overload protection and low-oil alert feature protect the generator from any harm.

A low-oil alert shuts down the engine when it detects a significant decrease in the oil level.

Overload protection also turns off the engine to avoid overheating when you apply extra load on the generator.

Emissions: Its sale and purchase are allowed in every state of the US, including California. Rainier R4400DF is both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved and CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant.

Warranty: It offers a limited warranty for up to 3 years.

Rainier R4400DF vs. Champion 100307 vs. Firman H03651 vs. DuroMax XP4400EH

Features Models
  Rainier R4400DF Champion 100307 Firman H03651 DuroMax XP4400EH
Peak/Rated Watts (Gas) 4400W/3600W 4375W/3500W 4550W/3650W 4400W/3500W
Peak/Rated Watts (Propane) 4000W/3300W 3950W/3150W 4100W/3300W 4180W/3325W
Gas Tank Size 4 gal. 3.4 gal. 5 gal. 4 gal.
Propane Tank Size 20 lbs. 20 lbs. 20 lbs. 20 lbs.
Runtime (Gas) 18 hrs (1/4 load) 9 hrs (1/2 load) 14 hrs (1/2 load) 11.5 hrs (1/2 load)
Runtime (Propane) 11 hrs (1/4 load) 10.5 hrs (1/2 load) 14 hrs (1/2 load) 10 hrs (1/2 load)
Noise 69 dBA  68 dBA 67 dBA 69 dBA
Starting Mechanism Recoil, Electric Recoil Recoil, Electric Recoil, Electric
Weight 113 lbs. 104.9 lbs. 119.5 lbs. 125 lbs.

My Opinion:

Pros: Rainier R4400DF is a powerful generator available at a good price. This dual-fuel, RV-ready unit is strongly built, starts without any hassle, and gives decent fuel efficiency. Also, it is an environmentally friendly generator and highly portable.

Cons: It is loud with 69 dBA. Also, it doesn’t have a remote start option.


What type of oil does Rainier R4400DF use?

The SAE 10W-30 oil is recommended to use in this generator. After the first 20 hours of use, you can go for synthetic oil.

How can you store this generator properly?

To store the generator properly, you need to do the following things.

  • Turn off the engine switch so that the unit doesn’t draw battery power.
  • Clean all the air inlet ports, outlet ports, and cooling fins of the engine. Also, never forget to clean all the cooling air inlets and outlet ports of the alternator.
  • Drain all fuel from the tank. Also, drain out the carburetor.
  • Start the engine by keeping the fuel shutoff valve open and allow the generator to use all the remaining fuel in the carburetor and fuel lines. After doing this, close the valve.
  • Change the engine oil.
  • Remove the spark plug, put a little amount of oil in its opening, and slowly pull the coil handle to distribute the oil.
  • Replace the spark plug.
  • Store your unit in a clean, dry place.

How should I stop the generator during an emergency?

If you need to stop the generator quickly, position the electric start switch to the stop position.

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