Honda EU2200i Review & Specs by Generator Expert

Honda EU2200i is a reliable portable generator that you can use to power your home, work-site, or play area. This Honda generator model is quite better than the EU2000i. It produces 200 more watts, but the cost of this unit is the same. Also, it is comparatively easier to use and maintain.

It can operate a wide variety of appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, small AC units, power tools, and delicate electronics. Its fuel tank is quite small, but still, it gives a good runtime. Also, it operates quietly.

Honda EU2200i portable generator


Engine: This Honda EU2200i is equipped with a 121cc Honda GXR120 engine. It is a fuel-efficient engine that works smoothly and quietly.

Noise Level: It is one of the quietest generators on the market that operates at 48 dB (A) at 25% load. But at rated load, its operational sound reaches only 57 dB (A).

Start System: You only have a recoil start system to turn the generator on.

Power output

Power Output: If we focus on its power output, then the unit generates 2200 watts of peak power and 1800 watts of running power. Honda EU2200i produces clean and stable power so that you can freely power your most delicate electronic items.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: It is featured with an Eco-throttle system that automatically changes the engine’s speed according to the load applied. This results in better fuel economy and quieter operation.

Honda EU2200i is powered by a 0.95-gallon fuel tank that gives up to 9.6-hour runtime.

Power Outlets: Its control panel is featured with two 120V 15A household outlets and one 12V DC outlet for battery charging only.

Parallel Capable: Honda EU2200i is also parallel capable. It means you can generate more output power by connecting another EU2200i in parallel with a parallel connector port.

Safety: There are multiple safety features of this generator that keep it safe and protected. One is the low-oil shutoff sensor with an indicator. It automatically turns off the engine when it detects the generator is running out of oil. Also, we have circuit protectors that protect the circuits from over-current flows. A fuel shutoff valve is also a part of this generator that allows the engine to run without the fuel supply. This helps you in dealing with stale gas related issues. Moreover, overload protection with an indicator is also there.

Weight and Warranty: The weight of the Honda EU2200i is 47 pounds, and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Ease of Use: It is also quite easy to use and maintain. There is a cold start technology that ensures easy startups in winters. Also, it is featured with a large spout and oil drain gutter that make it easy to change the oil.

My Opinion:

Pros: It is a compact and lightweight, portable inverter generator that can meet your daily power needs. It is quite versatile and operates quietly. Its fuel tank size is small, but it gives extended runtime. Also, it is easy to use and maintain and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Cons: Its fuel tank size is small. Also, there is no RV-ready outlet.

Honda EU2200i Companion vs. Regular

Honda EU2200i Companion is different from the regular generator in many ways.

First of all, the EU2200i Companion is more powerful than the regular generator. It provides 10% more power. Second, Companion offers a parallel connection so that you can link a regular EU2200i or EU2000iK1/T1 models to double the power output. Third, the EU2200i Companion is lighter in weight.

Along with these differences, you will also find a difference in their runtime. The Honda EU2200i Companion features an Eco-throttle system for maximum fuel efficiency. It changes the speed of the engine as you increase or decrease the load. On the other hand, regular generators don’t have this feature, so they offer short runtime as compared to the EU2200i Companion. Also, Companion makes less noise as it works quietly.


Is Honda EU2200i parallel capable?

Yes, EU2200i is parallel capable. You cannot only connect another EU2200i generator to generate more power; some models of EU2000i can also be linked in parallel with EU2200i.

These models include EAAJ-2017305 and later and EACT-1000001 and later models.

What are the differences between Honda EU2200i and EU2000i?

The main difference between the two is power output. The Honda EU2200i produces extra 200 watts that you can use to power a coffee pot, blender, TV, or LED lights.

The second difference is the operational sound. Honda EU2200i runs more quietly than EU2000i at both ¼ and rated loads. Also, EU2200i is easy to use and maintain.

How much does Honda EU2200i generator cost?

It is an expensive unit that costs more than $1000. But its price may change according to the location and store.

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