Electric Tap Box: Usage, Benefits and Buying Guide

A generator is a very important machine for successfully fulfilling the need for electricity at the tie of electrical outage and blackout. A piece of highly important equipment that needs to be installed along the generator is an electrical tap box. A generator tap box is a critical piece of equipment that is needed to switch over the source of electricity. Using this equipment, you can reduce the time you need to turn on the backup plan for an electrical outage.

In this article, we will explain all you need to know about an electrical tap box and how it can save your time and also your appliances from electrical stress in case you’ve not managed to stress it down via load bank testing.

How Electrical Tap Box Works?

A generator tap box connects your portable generator to the main electrical system of your house or business in case of a power outage. It is connected to the transfer switch, making the power supply easy. An electrical tap box is mounted permanently on the outside of your premises. Generator tap boxes are also known as connection tap-box, generator connection cabinet, and a docking station for your generator.

Tap boxes consist of standard male/female type connectors and make your connections easy with the main electrical wiring coming from outside towards your home or business.

Tap Box Power Supply System

Benefits of Docking Stations

When you are using a docking station with a portable generator, you can get the following advantages:

  • Instant electrical power backing when the lights go out; your businesses will go on as usual without losing your time and reducing your productivity. You will not worry about running your domestic appliances with any downtime.
  • Security systems will keep on running without any downtime, ensuring the safety of your home and business.
  • If you are in retail or departmental store business, a generator tap-box will make sure that your scanners will keep on running without any downtime.

Uses of Electrical Tap-Boxes

An electrical tap box can be used at any place that has an additional backup of electricity from generators. However, generator tap-boxes are commonly used in the following places

Universities – Universities need an instant backup of electricity to that the study activities, computers, and other applications keep on running.

Hospitals – The most important use of top-box is made at hospitals. Just imagine, what will happen if the light goes out in the middle of a critical operation. Tap-box will ensure that the light comes back instantly and without a second’s delay.

Banks – If there is a delay in providing electrical backing in banks, customers will have to face a lot of problems.

Stadiums – Games played at night time will be disrupted in case of delayed electrical backup. The generator tap-box avoids this.

Businesses – Large office buildings and small businesses also need an electrical tap-box so that their operations remain running.

Buying an Electrical Tap-Box

When you are planning to buy an electrical tap-box, keep in mind that each one of you has different needs for this purpose. Your electrical tap-box will be custom built by professionals and according to your needs and demands.

The buying decision is based on the following three assumptions

  • Systems and appliances that are vital and critical to your household or business and you want them to be up and running in the case of an electrical outage.
  • The amount of electrical load you need to power up your business or home
  • The frequency with which you lose power from the mainline.

Choosing the Best Services

There are a lot of professionals who are providing custom-built electrical tap box. You need to make this decision very wisely as it is a very critical factor in running your business and powering up your home appliances. First of all, make sure that the company you are going to choose meets all the necessary requirements laid out by federal agencies and your state laws. Their products are certified and they are offering double later of warranties, they have a 24/7 customer support and maintenance team, they will deliver the equipment on a timely basis, and last but not the least and the most important; their pricing should be competitive and they should give you a good deal.

One of the best ways to select the service is by going through their reviews and looking at the list of their clients.


Deciding about getting an electrical tap-box is a critical decision. Any little mistake will cause you a lot of money and trouble later on. We suggest that you take your time in this decision and make the best choice.

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