DuroMax XP4000S Portable Generator Review

DuroMax XP4000S is a good quality generator with a reliable engine. It can power most of your home and outdoor essentials. It performs exactly as it is advertised. Its fuel tank capacity is decent which gives decent runtime. Also, most people can easily afford it because of its low price.

DuroMax 4000W generator


Type of Generator: DuroMax XP4000S is a conventional generator. It is a gasoline-powered generator, ideal for homeowners, RV travelers, handcrafting enthusiasts, and different outdoor activities.

Design: It has an open frame design with all-metal construction. It makes it a durable and reliable unit.

Size and Weight: This generator’s weight is 105 pounds, and it is a compact unit having dimensions: 24″ L x 17″ W x 17″ H.

Power Output: A 208cc, 7HP 4-stroke OHV DuroMax engine can produce 4000 watts of starting power and 3300 watts of running power. The engine has a cast iron sleeve for protection against external factors.

This generator can easily bear both light and heavy loads. You can power both of your big and small appliances simultaneously at home and RV. Also, you can run power tools without any problem.

THD Rating: Never try to power your sensitive electronics through this generator because its THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating is less than 12%. Any figure less than 5% is ideal to power delicate electronic items.

Fuel Storage Capacity: DuroMax XP4000S has a 3.96-gallon fuel storage tank with a fuel gauge. The fuel gauge allows users to check how much gasoline is remaining in the tank.

Runtime: A fully loaded gas tank offers up to 12.3 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Power Panel: Its power panel has three power outlets, including two 120 Volt 20 Ampere outlets and one 120 Volt 30 Ampere outlet.

The 5-20R receptacles are to power household appliances, and the L5-30R receptacle allows you to make a proper RV connection via an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor.

Other than power outlets, we have a voltmeter and a low oil alert lamp. The voltmeter helps monitor the power output, and the low oil alert lamp turns on when the oil level is extremely low.

Starting System: Its starting system only includes a recoil start. There is no electric start system.

Noise Level: Its noise level is 69 dBA.

Safety: The safety features include surge-arrest, overload protection, and low oil shutdown.

The low oil shutdown feature automatically turns off the unit because of lower oil levels. Overload protection protects your generator from overheating, and surge-arrest safeguards the machine and your appliances from power surges.

Warranty: It has a 3-year limited warranty that doesn’t cover all parts of the generator.

Emissions: DuroMax XP4000S meets all the set guidelines from CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Both these agencies are for the protection of the environment.

What comes inside the Box: A user guide, oil funnel, toolset, and a spark plug wrench are included in the box.

DuroMax XP4000S vs. Briggs & Stratton 30676 vs. Champion 46539 vs. CAT RP3600

Features Models
  DuroMax XP4000S Briggs & Stratton 30676 Champion 46539 CAT RP3600
Peak/Rated Watts 4000W/3300W 4375W/3500W 4000W/3500W 4500W/3600W
Tank Size 3.96 gal. 4 gal. 3.8 gal. 4.5 gal.
Runtime (Gas) 12.3 hrs (1/2 load) 8 hrs (1/2 load) 12 hrs (1/2 load) 13.5 hrs (1/2 load)
Noise  69 dBA Not Mentioned 68 dBA Not Mentioned
Starting System Recoil Recoil Recoil, Electric, Remote Recoil
Weight 105 lbs. 111 lbs. 124.6 lbs. 125 lbs.

My Opinion:

Pros: DuroMax XP4000S is quite a decent generator available at an affordable price. It has a durable engine, which delivers excellent output power. It is easy to start and maintain. Also, it has a voltmeter and several safety features that provide ultimate protection.

Cons: It has insufficient outlets. Also, a wheel kit is not included to enhance mobility.


How much oil should I put in DuroMax XP4000S?

You can put 20 fluid ounces of the 10W-30 oil in your DuroMax XP4000S. The 10W-30 oil is recommended for most climates.

Can I run 50 amp power tools with this generator?

No, you cannot run your 50 amp power tools because the generator only supports 30 amperes.

Is it possible to attach a wheel kit with DuroMax XP4000S?

Yes, you can attach a wheel kit with XP4000S to make transportation easier, especially at a Jobsite. But it would help if you bought it separately because it doesn’t come with the generator.

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