5 Best Gas Generators Reviewed and Compared

During power outages, generators become essential as they are capable of running not only running your whole house but also your RVs, offices, and construction sites. You can also power your off-grid parties and campsites.

But which of the generator is best to use? And the answer is the gasoline-powered generator. If you reside in an area where the temperature does not go too low, you can use gasoline. Also, gasoline is more efficient than propane and cleaner as compared to diesel. Also, gasoline-powered generators give decent runtime.

Best Gas Generator Reviews





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Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator

  • Best for below 500 watt devices

  • USB support

  • Auto shut-off system

WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator

  • 6 hours of runtime at half load

  • 1.2% THD rating

  • Recoil start mechanism

Champion 100110 Portable Generator

  • Recoil/electric start system

  • 10 hours runtime at 50% load

  • low-oil shut down sensor

Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

  • 12 hours at 50% load

  • Low-oil shutoff sensor

  • Surge arrest technology

Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator

  • 5 hours at a 50% load

  • Pull start system

  • 1 year warranty

1. Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator – Best Gas Inverter Generator

Westinghouse portable gas generator

Engine and Power Wattage: The best gas-powered inverter generator is the Westinghouse iGen2200 that is featured with a 79cc 4-stroke Westinghouse OHV engine.

If we check its power output, then it produces 2200 peak watts and 1800 rated watts.

THD Rating: Less than 3% THD rating makes this unit suitable for powering sensitive electronics.

This Total Harmonic Distortion measures the harmonic distortion available in a signal.

Weight and Warranty Period: Its weight is 46 pounds, and it offers a 3-year limited warranty.

Operational Sound: The operational sound of this generator is 52 dB (A).

Tank Capacity and Runtime: You will get a runtime of up to 12 hours on a 1.2-gallon gas tank, thanks to its efficiency mode that changes the engine speed as you increase or decrease the load. This helps in saving fuel and extending the runtime.

Parallel Operation: Westinghouse iGen2200 is also parallel capable that allows you to connect another inverter generator to generate more output power. You can link iGen1200, iGen2200, iGen2500, and WH2200iXLT generators with the help of the Westinghouse parallel cord. 

Start System: Recoil start mechanism (Pull Start).

Power Panel: The power panel of this generator has many things to offer. There is an engine/fuel control switch, efficiency mode switch, parallel outlets, circuit breaker, and low oil, overload, and output ready indicator lights. Also, if we focus on power outlets, then there are two 5V USB ports and two 120V AC 20A outlets. 

Safety: It is featured with a low-oil shutoff system and overload protection.

The low-oil shutdown feature senses the lower oil levels and turns off the engine to protect it from damages. On the other hand, overload protection not only keeps your generator away from taking extra load but also keeps your equipment protected. 

My Opinion:

Pros: Westinghouse iGen2200produces clean power output. It is highly fuel-efficient and operates only at 52 dB (A). It is also light in weight and offers a 3-year limited warranty.

Cons: You cannot run it dry for safe storage.

2. WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator – Gas Inverter Generator under $500

Wen 56200i gas generator

Engine and Power Wattage: Another gas-powered inverter generator in our list is the WEN 56200i that has a 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV engine, which offers 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts. 

THD Rating: Its 1.2% THD rating is less than the THD rating of Westinghouse iGen2200.

Weight and Warranty Period: The weight of this portable machine is 48 pounds, and it features a 2-year limited warranty.

Tank Capacity and Runtime: WEN 56200i is featured with a 1-gallon gas tank that gives up to 6 hours of runtime at half load.

Parallel Operation: Use the WEN 56421 parallel connection kit to link two WEN 56200i units to double the output power.

Operational Sound: It operates at 52 dB (A). 

Start System: You have a recoil start mechanism to turn the generator on. 

Power Panel: There are two 120V 20A outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and one 5V USB port. Also, its control panel has an eco-mode switch, parallel operation outlets, engine switch, and three-light indicators (Overload, Output, and Low-oil). 

Safety: Overload protection and low-oil and low-fuel automatic shutdown

My Opinion:

Pros: WEN 56200i is also a light unit that can be moved easily. Its less than 1.2% THD rating makes it extremely safe for sensitive electronics. Also, it is a budget-friendly option.

Cons: It takes time to start after refueling.

3. Champion 100110 Portable Generator

Champion Gas Powered generator

Engine and Power Wattage: Champion 100110 is a conventional portable generator that is powered by a 459cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine.

It can give higher power output with 11,500 watts of peak power and 9200 watts of running power.

Tank Capacity and Runtime: On a full 7.7-gallon gas tank, you will be able to power your appliances and tools up to 10 hours at half load.

Power Panel: It includes four 120V 20A outlets, a 120/240V 30A locking outlet, and one 120/240V 50A outlet. Other than power outlets, there is an intelligauge with a power bar and an engine switch. This intelligauge tells you runtime, volts, and frequency.

Operational Sound: Champion 100110 is a loud unit that operates at a decibel rating of 74 dB (A).

Start System: You can either start this generator by pulling the cord or using the electric start engine switch.

Safety: Volt guard and automatic low-oil shutoff sensor are included in its safety features. Volt Guard is responsible for protecting the generator and your equipment from surge power. 

Weight and Warranty Period: Its weight is 270 pounds. 

My Opinion:

Pros: Champion 100110 is a powerful conventional generator that can power both of your small and high-power appliances and tools. It features an electric start system and a Volt Guard for protection. 

Cons: Its sound rating is on the higher side.

4. Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator – Under $350

DuroStar DS4000S gas generator

Engine and Power Wattage: The 208cc, 7HP Durostar 4-stroke OHV engine produces 4000 starting and 3300 running watts. 

Weight and Warranty Period: Its warranty period is of 3 years, and it weighs 94 pounds.

Power Panel: There are two 120V household power outlets and one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet. Also, its power panel features a voltmeter and an engine switch.

Operational Sound: The super quiet muffler keeps the operational sound of this generator at 69 dB (A).

Tank Capacity and Runtime: You will get 12 hours of runtime at 50% load with a 3.96-gallon fuel tank. 

Start System: Durostar DS4000S features a pull start system. 

Safety: It features surge arrest technology and a low-oil shutdown system. 

My Opinion:

Pros: Durostar DS4000S conventional generator also comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Its super quiet muffler keeps the noise levels low up to some extent. Also, it offers a decent runtime. 

Cons: You have to buy the wheel kit separately to move the unit easily.

5. Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator – Lightweight

Pulsar PG1202S gas generator

Start System: Start this Pulsar PG1202S with a pull start system. 

Engine and Power Wattage: Its 72cc 2-stroke engine has the capacity to produce 1200 peak watts and 900 rated watts.

Tank Capacity and Runtime: Pulsar PG1202S has a 1.1-gallon gas tank that can offer a runtime up to 5 hours at a 50% load.

Weight and Warranty Period: It weighs 37.5 pounds and comes with only a one-year warranty. 

Power Panel: Two 120V AC outlets and one 12V DC outlet along with an engine switch and a light indicator 

Operational Sound: The operational sound of this generator is 65 dB (A).

Safety: Overload protection is for the safety of the generator. 

My Opinion:

Pros: Pulsar PG1202S is a compact and lightweight unit that is extremely inexpensive. It gives decent runtime and operates without making much sound.

Cons: There is no low-oil shutdown sensor or indicator. Also, it is not an inverter generator.

Pro Tip: Do you know tri-fuel generators support all popular fuel types? Check these generators here.

Buyer’s Guide

Type of Generator

Which type of generator are you planning to buy? Either you want to buy an inverter machine or a conventional generator?

Inverter generators provide clean power, whereas most of the traditional units fail to give clean output power.

Inverter generators are parallel capable that allow other units to get linked to produce more power. On the other hand, a single conventional generator can generate more power than two inverter generators.

Also, most conventional generators are inexpensive than inverter units. But most of the inverter machines make less noise during operation.


First, determine how much power you need to run your essentials at the home, office, construction site, or campground? If there is a mixture of big and small appliances, then you must select a generator that can give higher output power. And if there are not enough items to run, then you can go for a mid-power or low-power generator.

Make a list of those things that you need to power through your generator, add their watts, and then buy a suitable machine accordingly.

Consider the table below.

Appliances Starting Wattage Running Wattage
Refrigerator 1400 300
1/2 HP Furnace 2350 875
TV 400 400
Lights 300 300
AC 1800 1200
Total 6250 3075

The starting wattage is 6250 watts, and the running wattage for all the appliances is 3075 watts. In this situation, you would need almost 3100 watts of power to run all the appliances simultaneously. Don’t worry about the starting load as you can manage this by putting the appliances one by one on the generator. By buying a smaller generator, not only will you save some money on initial purchase cost, maintenance/repair costs are also low for a small generator.

Control Panel

Look for a generator that comes with a well-equipped control panel. On an excellent model, you will find power outlets, plugs, transfer witch, and RV ready options and displays for showing the total running hours, fuel and oil gauge, and wattage drawn from the generator.

Sound Rating

Generators do produce a sound that can make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to select a unit that can keep you relaxed all the time.

Inverter generators operate quietly, so it is best to go with these units. But if you need a powerful gas generator, then you have to compromise on the noise level.

Still, many companies are adding sound-dampening features to keep the sound level on the lower side. Also, you can keep the machine away from you, if possible, to hear as less noise as possible.

Gas Tank Size

Gas inverter generators come with small fuel tanks, but they give the best runtime because of their fuel-efficient engines. So, the size of the tank only matters when you go for a conventional unit.

Paralleling Ability

Paralleling generators mean connecting two generators to get more output and manage machines with heavy running/starting wattages. Paralleling conventional generators is difficult. For inverter generators, it is a simple task of just connecting two cables. Look for inverters that have the paralleling feature.


You should also focus on the safety features of your generator.

Low-oil shutdown sensors and overload protection are the two common safety features. Where the low-oil sensor turns off the engine when the generator’s oil goes down, on the other hand, overload protection is responsible for protecting your equipment from high spikes in voltage.

There are also other safety features that are good to have. These include a fuel shutoff feature and spark arrestor.

Ease of Transport

No matter whether your generator is compact or a big sized unit, it must be easy to transport.

When selecting an inverter unit, make sure its carrying handles are comfortable. And at the time of selecting a big conventional unit, ensure it has big, durable wheels and convenient handles.

Power Outlets

You should also focus on the power outlets of your generator. Make sure the power outlets available can power those things that you want to run through your generator.

Warranty and Certifications

Look for a generator that comes with a warranty and certifications. Such features enhance the value of your generator and help save the repair costs after buying a generator.


A high-end gasoline model will be costly as compared to a basic model. Inverters are usually costlier compared to conventional generators but have more features and produce clean electricity. Conventional generators are a little cheap but don’t have the luxury of clean electricity and paralleling mode. We suggest you spend a little extra and go for a generator with all the latest features.

Gas vs. Propane vs. Diesel Generators

In terms of efficiency, gas generators are ahead of propane generators and behind diesel generators. Gas burns slower than propane and faster than diesel in large generators. You would need to keep the load at half to get an optimum running time. Gasoline is more flammable than diesel but has a lower energy rating. Its energy rating is far better than propane/natural gas. A gas generator makes less noise than a diesel generator, and its noise can be reduced with the help of a generator enclosure/high-quality mufflers. The exhaust produced by gasoline generators is not clean as compared to propane but better than diesel generators.


What are the benefits of a gas-powered generator?

Gas-powered generators are easy to use. They have been around for quite a time now and are the go-to option of millions of fellow Americans. Gas is readily available throughout the year unless there is an infrastructural breakdown due to a natural disaster. You can store gas for up to a year for such times. Gas tanks are also easy to carry for smaller generators, hence making them highly portable. Understanding a gasoline generator’s engine and other parts is easy compared to a propane/diesel/solar generator.

Do I need a transfer switch with a gas generator?

Yes. You must connect a generator to your home with a transfer switch. Skipping it can cause electrocution, damage to your appliances or generator. If you are using extensions with a generator, make sure you buy a high-quality extension.

What is meant by unleaded gasoline? Is it different from regular gasoline?

No, there is no difference between regular gasoline and unleaded gasoline. You can easily purchase regular gasoline or unleaded gasoline from the gas station.

How can you find out the power rating of appliances to select the best gas generator accordingly?

It is necessary to know how to find out the power rating of appliances to make sure how powerful your generator must be to run all of your appliances.

If the power consumption is not mentioned on your machines or only the current rating (amps) is mentioned, then keep this formula in mind.

Watts = Voltage x Ampere

But before using this formula, make sure the appliances you are going to power run on 120V or 240V.

Is it necessary to do the regular maintenance of a gas-powered generator?

Generators do require regular maintenance. If you do not do that, your generator may become useless very early.

So, it is necessary to check the oil regularly, you can find the best generator oils here. Store your generator in a safe place when not in use. Also, if there is a fuel shutoff option, then never forget to run your generator from time to time without gasoline to prevent stale gas issues.

What are the drawbacks of a gas generator?

Gas has a short shelf life as compared to diesel and propane. It will go stale after 11-12 months of storage. The fuel is also highly flammable, and there is always the risk of spillage and fire when working with gas. Gas generators are no doubt cheaper than propane generators, but they have a high running cost. When gas is burnt in a generator, the exhaust is not environmentally friendly.

Final Words

Buying and selecting a gas-powered generator has now been made easy for you. You can select any of the above-mentioned generators and forget the tension of staying in blackout ever again.

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